3rd Annual Southern Exposure

Tom & Sing singing…

The weightpull with wheels, snow on the ground outside, was typical in that you can’t know what to expect from sleddogs. Saturday turned into a battle of the Malamutes for most weight pulled in the big dog classes, Jake belonging to Keith Ping won out, that is some awesome dog. And being truly awesome, he won out again on Sunday against some stiff competition. 

Adults eating their chicken quarters after a hard days work.

Since we all know sleddogs don’t always do what is expected, I am not so thrilled to tell you that my 2 Malamutes Tom T. (previous best 2200lbs) and his sister Singer (prev best much much less than that) managed to get outpulled by my 44lb Siberian Bess… too bad for the Malamutes she only pulled 810lbs. But terrific for her. All those miles in sledding harness this year slimmed her down and added 4lbs of pure rock-hard muscle. She rocks! And this finished her WWPD title so another mighty loud thank-you to her breeder Judy Pilkay for:

National Jr CH Juroblyn’s Rhythm N Woos, WTD, WWPD “Bess”

Bessie managed the legs on both Saturday and Sunday by destroying her harnesses, on Saturday she pulled the weight the last 2 feet by the collar and one strap. But Bess has a unique approach to weightpull, she hops on 2 feet and yells. Every hop gets a yell and the louder she yells the harder she’s pulling. Do I care? Besides the embarrassment factor? She managed to finish and the silent Malamutes came home with diddly. <G> 

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