CH Artic-Luv’s Skullduggery ROM “Trick” (1990-

CH Barrenfield Budweiser “Totem” (1990-

BISS A/C CH Kasaan Atanik’s Vvanilla Ice WTD “Kaz” (1990-

CH Kohoutec’s Blackfoot Indi (1990-

CH Mals-About’s Savage of Snow Song “Savvy” (1990-

CH Nanuke’s Seal of Approval “Seally” (1990-

BIS BISS CH Nanuke’s Take No Prisoners “Tyler” (1990-

CH Snow Song’s Kit Kat of Tinsha (1990-

Frostfield Kotzebue Kalvin (1991-

CH Kasaan’s She’s a Sno Shire Pistl WTD WLD “Sadie” (1991-

BIS BISS CH Nanuke’s Revolutionary “Ben” (1991-

Vykon’s Wayeh True Spirit “Trudee” (1991-

BISS CH Artic-Luv’s Red Jake

CH Baylor’s Howln Hannah-Tessa “Hannah” (1992-2006)

CAN CH Baylor’s Princess Toadstool “Princess” (1992-

BISS A/C CH Black Ice’s Sudden Impact WTDX WLDX “Dash” (1992-

Snow Song’s Brandi of Tinsha (1992-

CH Kohoutec’s Magnetic North “Magnet” (1993-

CH Sendaishi’s Ratchet Jaw “Guido” (1993-

CH Sharaden’s Bleu Chip Stock “Merlin” (1993-

CH Nanuke’s A Rumour of War “Charlie” (1994-

BISS CH Black Ice’s Autumn Splendor (1995-

BIS A/C CH Marlayne’s Forty Niner A/C CD HIT “Montana” (1995-2008)

Totem’s Sheeba Lee 

A/PORT CH Pandizucchero Del Lago Degli Orsi “Ben” (1995-

A/PORT CH Pandizucchero Del Lago Degli Orsi “Ben” (1995-

Totem’s Skyking O’Kip 

Multi CH Moon Song’s Captain Moon Ray “Smokey” (1996-

A/C CH Storm Kloud’s Aall System’s Go WTD WWPDX “Rocket” (1996-

Jireh Kotzebue Kamishak “Mishak” b.1996

CH Snow Song’s Ghengis Kahn “Kahn” (1996-

CH Snow Song’s Ghengis Kahn “Kahn” (1996-

AKC ptd Totem’s Mystic Princess “Cali” (1998-2012)

Multi CH First Lady Shamrock (1999-

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