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Since 1981, Wayeh (WHY-uh) Working Housedogs has produced TEN generations of AKC Alaskan Malamutes.  We have excelled in harness, obedience, the show ring, therapy, and the couch.  From IWPA regional medallists to the world's first Rally Obedience Champion -- any breed, any kennel club, any where on the planet.  Wayeh has bred two generations of ROM bitches, Top Southern Area and Nationally ranked Malamutes, multiple group-winning and BIS Malamutes. The best gift we can give our dogs is a job -- even if it's only couch warming.  (See Updates for what's happening @ Wayeh.)

Wayeh Needa Mist TT ROM OB-ROM "Wayeh" 
 Wayeh Nvwati Svnoyi "Midnight"
 Lazarus Wayeh "Laz"
 CH Wayeh's Safrass Lass "Razzy"
 CH (Wayeh's) J Allen Yukon Hug-A-Wolf "Yuke
 CH Wayeh's Cherokee Brave CGC TT TDI "Cherokee"
 INT Vet CH/AKC ptd Wayeh's Just Before the Dawn CGC "Justice"
 Wayeh's Shoshone Sunwalker IWPA-WWPDX "Shoney"
 AKC/INT CH Wayeh's Arctic Wind's Shadow CGC TT TDI "Shadow"  

Wayeh Working Housedogs:

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Alaskan Malamutes - not a hobby, a lifestyle

AKC/INT CH Wayeh's Cherokee Summer CGC WTD "Summer" 
Wayeh's Cherokee Summer  
AKC mjr ptd Wohali on the Wayeh Wind UWP WTD "Storm"  - born 2002 (Charles X Faith) 
CH Wayeh's Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD "Singer" - born 1999 (Rider X Summer)  
Wayeh Singn N Howln Masasyu
Wayeh Sings to the Rtic Moon CGC RN UWP "Seranade"  
AKC mjr ptd 1/3 UWP Wayeh Rtic Seas "Akai"
AKC ptd Wayeh Star Light Star Bright "Bright"

Wayeh Working Housedogs

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