MTN Litter ’22 (Alyosha X Yodel)

Mystic Wayeh Commander Bearing “Alyosha”
X Wayeh Kaltag Mtn Song “Yodel”

Accepting Reservations now.

if you are interested in purchasing a Wayeh Alaskan Malamute Puppy.

Due 4/2022, go-home 6/2022

Like the FREEDOM Litter which has nearly the same pedigree, this litter has a 10-gen COI 14% and this pedigree also doubles on the sugar-sweet INT CH Black Ice’s Heartbreak Hannah “Hannah” and the fabulous Wayeh Bearing Sea “Grace.”

Co-Owned Papa Alyosha: WS63486902, AM-DNA-V843494, 10-gen COI 4%, OFA GOOD, Thyroid, CERF, 95#, 26″, seal & normal (weatherproof) coat
Mama Yodel WS_____, 10-gen COI 8% OFA Good, Thyroid, CERF, 70#, 22″, Gray & white with a normal (weatherproof) coat

The Puppies

  • First pick female stays @ Wayeh
  • First pick male, available on co-own with Wayeh


Pupdate Calendar

(Most events are on the weekend unless noted.)

  • Born _____day 4//22
  • Day 1 Mom gets 3-days Panacur/Safeguard (Fenbendazole 22%) the same as she had 63 days ago @ time of breeding.
  • Mom’s diet is, and has been, ProPlan All Life Stages 30/20, plus Puppy-Bac by Dogzymes, & raw free-range eggs from my chickens.
  • Day 3-21 Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS.) <link>
  • 2-4w Deworm pups & mom Pyrantal Pamoate.
  • 3w Start puppies on the same puppy kibble but pulverized into gruel with Puppy-Bac 2x/day for the first week, then not pulverized after that. Start Rules of 7 <link> where they will experience 7 different foods, smells, bowls, surfaces, sleeping places, visitors, car rides, etc. by the time they are 7 weeks old.
  • 6w pictures, Quad wormer pills >10#
  • 7w pre-visit baths, Temperament Tests & Puppy Picks.
  • 8w vet#1 visit for pictures, no-Lepto vaccinations, weights, fecal checks, veterinarian examinations, AVID microchips, and regardless of what fecal check says, we do preventative treatments with: Interceptor Plus (internal parasites), Nexgard (fleas), 5-days Albon (protozoa).
  • 9w vet#2 visit for pictures, weights, fecals, any followups, recheck microchips, & issue interstate health certificates as needed.
  • 6/__/22 weekend (9w) Go-Home Day!
  • Pups still need AT MINIMUM
    • Weekly socialization –
    • a new place, a new person, a new animal every week for the first year of their lives, at least.
    • @ 10 & 12 weeks deworming with Pyrental Pamoate
    • Monthly heartworm year round, which also acts as a prevention dose of dewormer (not a treatment dose, so you still need to check.)
    • @ 3 & 4 months 2nd & 3rd vaccinations
    • @ 2-4 months a public, group Puppy Socialization Class for 8 weeks
    • @ 5 month 1st Rabies
    • @ 5-6 months a public, group Beginner’s Obedience Class for 8 weeks
    • @ Spring & Fall deworming
    • @ 1 year Spay/Neuter, OFA prelim, CERF eye exam, & 2nd Rabies (this one can be a 3-year vaccine) Submit proof of neuter & OFA for AKC papers.
    • @ 2 year blood draw for T-4 thyroid & chem panel — to be used as baselines for comparison when they are seniors


ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents

Mystic Wayeh Commander Bearing "Alyosha"
AKC ptd Mystic-Wayeh Dark Side of the Moon "Fender"CH Mystic-Wayeh Malas Aforethought"Sirius"
INT CH Black Ice's Heartbreak Hannah "Hannah"
Wayeh Bearing Sea "Grace"UWP AKC Mjr Ptd Wayeh Rtic Seas "Akai"
Artic-Luv's Honey Bear "Honey"

Wayeh Kaltag Mtn Song "Yodel"
Wayeh First to Nome "TD"Wayeh Wanna Be a Cowboy "Wyatt"
Wayeh Bearing Sea "Grace"
Wayeh Apache Beauty "Emmer"Wayeh-Mystic Peace Train "Pax"
Wayeh Grizzly Bear "Kiowa"


This litter is Wayeh’s 12th Generation through Seranade.

  1. Wayeh Needa Mist ROM OB-ROM “Wayeh”
  2. Wayeh’s Nvwati Svnoyi ROM “Midnight”
  3. CH Wayeh’s Sassafras Lass “Razzy”
  4. Wayeh’s Shoshone Sunwalker IWPA-WWPDX ” Shoney”
  5. CH Wayeh’s Arctic Wind’s Shadow CGC TT TDI “Shadow”
  6. CH Wayeh’s Cherokee Summer CGC WTD “Summer”
  7. CH Wayeh’s Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD “Singer” from the SNOW SONG Litter 
  8. UWP Wayeh Sings to the Rtic Moon CGC RN RA WTD “Seranade” from the SINGS Litter
  9. UWP AKC mjr ptd Wayeh Rtic Seas “Akai” from the RTIC Litter
  10. Wayeh Bearing Sea “Grace” (Ret. to Mystic Mals) from the RTIC Seas Litter
  11. Mystic Wayeh Commander Bearing “Alyosha” (bred by Mystic from our co-owned Fender & Wayeh’s Grace)
  12. The MTN Litter

Litter Theme – “MTN” Litter

These pups are out of our sweet singing Yodel, our Mtn Song. AKC registered names follow the litter theme and must meet AKC naming conventions. You can call the puppy “Bob” if you want to, but the official name will be something like:

  • Wayeh Purple Mtns’ Majesty “Purple” “Babble”
  • Wayeh Smoky Mtn Rain “Rain”
  • Wayeh River Deep Mtn High
  • Wayeh Mtn Music “Echo”
  • Wayeh Go Rest High on the Mtn
  • Wayeh Rocky Mtn High
  • Wayeh Ain’t no Mtn High Enough
  • Wayeh Appalachian Mtns
  • Wayeh Allegheny Mtns
  • Wayeh _____ Mtns.

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