Scarletti & Belle Pepper

Red Scarlet (b. 1/28/2018) is a standard-sized, 75″, 23″, 3-year-old, red & white female Alaskan Malamute HOUSEDOG! who loves her crate and spends as much time as she can indoors. She has bounced between homes but is a pretty mellow lady who just wants a couch and someone to take her on walks. She is not happy as a kennel dog. But she does live contentedly with her daughter, Belle, but there was some tension between Scarlet and a pack of tiny dogs in a previous housedog situation. She eats just about anything but her favorite snack is peppermint candy canes.

Red Belle (b. 4/20/20) is also standard sized but with a gorgeous flowing open Farrah Fawcet coat. She has lived peacefully and without complaint with her mother her entire life. Inside and out. She is a follower and will go anywhere her mom Scarlet goes. She is a little soft, a lot sweet, and happy to play with other puppies or hang out with people. She was not the pushy one in the litter and was not the shy one either. She was not the leader and not the loner. But right in the middle. She has a BIG red coat, so you’d better love grooming or be willing to send her to a groomer regularly. But a little maintenance has a BIG result.

They have been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested negative, and AVID microchipped. Adoption fee $300 for either or both for $500.

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