FabFour’23 Litter (Chill x Cedar)

Wayeh Tartok OsoCool “Chill”
x Wayeh Red-dy When U R “Cedar”

Accepting Reservations now.
if you are interested in purchasing a Wayeh Alaskan Malamute Puppy.

Tied 12/24/22, Born 2/25/23, go-home 4/29/23

Papa Chill, WS78851104, b. 1/11/22, 10-gen COI 12%, OFA (GOOD) Prelim 88#, 25″, gray agouti & white, correct, weatherproof, coarse, lovely coat & OSO Laidback temperament.
Mama Cedar, WS70415001, b. 8/13/20, 10-gen COI 17%, OFA (GOOD) Prelim, 65#, 22″, RED agouti & white, correct, weatherproof, coarse, lovely coat & OSO Laidback temperament.

With a combined 10-gen COI (Co-efficient of Inbreeding of 24%, this litter doubles on OSO Laidback BAYOU.

The Puppies 4 Males

  • M1/GREEN collar, Wayeh ______ (CA)
  • M2/BLUE collar, Wayeh ______ (MI)
  • M3/WHITE collar, Wayeh ______ (AVAILABLE)
  • M4/RED agouti, Wayeh Mush Across the Universe (MA)

Weekly Pupdate Calendar

12/23/22 – Surprise! & Merry Christmas! We had an upexpected/surprise/oops TIE between (holiday boarding) Chill & our own Cedar. Four Fab boys were born 2/25/23, 63 days later: 3 gray sables and 1 red agouti. They will be ready to go home around 5/10/23. This litter’s AKC names will come from BEATLES songs, because they are the FAB4.

12/24/22 3 days of Panacur for Mama Cedar, plus switched her to ProPlan 30/20 All Life Stages Chicken, plus our normal bone-in skin-on fresh chicken quarters, beef liver, Nupro, Wild Caught Salmon Oil, and our free-range chicken eggs.

2/25/23 BIRTHDAY 4 males, mom gets 3 more days of Panacur, she is eating as much food as I give her, plenty of milk, and delivered everyone with no fuss, no stress, all by herself. But too much food means blow out poops, yuck, so I feed her 1c at a time, all through the day, totalling about 4c right now while her milk demands are low.

3/4/23 1w – We are doing Early Neurological Stimulation (Day 3-21) with the pups and mom gets 5c kibble through the day, plus fresh foods. Haven’t given her Puppy-Bac because she is producing plenty on her own — I love my Kotzebue-descended lines, they are all natural, free whelpers. Pups are getting BIG.

3/11/23 2w – Chill’s co-owner Pam W. came up and we got pics (below in Galleries.) Pups are MASSIVE, mom has plenty of milk, taking good care of them. Switched off the heat lamp, since they ignore it and spread out mostly, so it is not needed.

3/21/23 3w – Weather outside has been ferociously Spring-ish, so I delayed moving them outside, but that just means more time in the living room with the cats and John McClain (Die Hard franchise) and everyone’s favorite dinosaurs (Jurrasic franchise) because puppies that can handle explosions and yelling and guns going off AND screaming and roaring and guns going off — most of this from the Kitty Mafia — then the pups can handle anything. Also, just because, I’ve been playing the complete discography of the Fab4 (Beatles, Wings, Traveling Wilburys, etc.)

3/26/23 4w – Moved outside, despite the freezing temps, which they don’t mind at all. We’ve had straight-line winds, frosts, sunshine, and bird migrations. The first hatch of chicks is under a heat lamp outside and pups hear every chirp. We’ve had lots of human visitors and the pups are super chill and friendly, like their proud parents. Kibble adventures had begun with canned puppy food mixed with goats milk and pulverized kibble (ProPlan 30/20.) Then I started weaning them off the canned food and goats milk and leaned more heavily towards mostly plain kibble.

4/1/23 5w – They are so much fun at 5 weeks. They are physically and mentally mobile, you can see their personalities start to gel. And they learn everything so quickly. We have learned all kinds of things about power tools and lawnmowers and chainsaws, none of which phase them at all. We have a new hatch of chickens (we raise our own mixed farmyard breed of free-range eggs for us, the dogs, and neighbors) so the older hatch is very noisy and right THERE next to the Big Puppy Kennel. They also got their first taste of chicken (store-bought, bone-in, skin-on, raw, chicken drumsticks) and I’ve started on people food, but only a tasting menu: scrambled eggs, cooked sweet potato, banana, butter, cheese, cooked steak bites, biscuits, cooked pork chops, plain brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and raw veggies and fruit from my morning parfaits and afternoon stir frys.

4/8/23 6w – We had fun over the weekend, clear skies and warm temps. They are getting active and physical, finding their coordination, and expressing their emotions. Ears are starting to move, and they are almost exclusively off mama’s milk. They love their kibble, raw eggs (from my hens,) chicken wings (from the grocery store,) and a taste of whatever I eat, They are also learning to follow on loop leashes, sit for attention, and offer paws.

4/15/23 7w – Volhard Temperament Tests. This is a half-day event. It gets it’s own page. We also did 3 days of Panacur, lots of raw meaty chicken quarters as well as their normal kibble, car rides, and socialization to the point of exhaustion a couple of days before the big event.


This litter is Wayeh’s 13th Generation through Sunny.

  1. Wayeh Needa Mist ROM OB-ROM “Wayeh”
  2. Wayeh’s Nvwati Svnoyi ROM “Midnight”
  3. CH Wayeh’s Sassafras Lass “Razzy”
  4. Wayeh’s Shoshone Sunwalker IWPA-WWPDX ” Shoney”
  5. CH Wayeh’s Arctic Wind’s Shadow CGC TT TDI “Shadow”
  6. CH Wayeh’s Cherokee Summer CGC WTD “Summer”
  7. CH Wayeh’s Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD “Singer” from the SNOW SONG Litter 
  8. CH Wayeh Singn Follow Me Masasyu “Sunny” from SINGN Litter
  9. Wayeh Pacific Evening Star “Theia” SUN Litter
  10. Wayeh-Pacific Here’s Mud in UR Ice “Cheers”
  11. Wayeh Get a Lil Mud on UR Tires “Bayou”
  12. Wayeh Reddy When U R “Cedar”
  13. the Fab4 ’23 litter

Litter Theme – “The Fab4/BEATLES” Litter

Four Fabulous Boys, the Fab4, so this is the BEATLES Litter Theme. WAYEH + A Beatles Song TItle for the AKC Names. The everyday callname can be anything you like. But with 500 to choose from the www.beatlesbible.com , the AKC official names will be something like:

  • Wayeh Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • Wayeh Paperback Writer
  • Wayeh Please Please Me
  • Wayeh Yellow Submarine
  • Wayeh Abbey Road
  • Wayeh Let it Be
  • Wayeh Strawberry Fields Forever
  • Wayeh I Want to Hold UR Hand
  • Wayeh Yesterday
  • Wayeh All U Need is Love
  • Wayeh While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • Wayeh ______


7w Pics

6w pics





Happy Birthday, Fab4

Mama Cedar, verrry pregnant.

Papa Chill meets his redheaded son.

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