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CH (Wayeh's) J Allen Yukon Hug-A-Wolf "Yuke"

CH Kiwaliks Vykon Indiana Jones CD ROM "Indy"
X Wayeh Needa Mist TT ROM OB-ROM "Wayeh"
3/4/88 - 6/12/2000
Breeder/Owner/Handler Billie Stewart  

Yuke came back to Wayeh as a 2y and went right into the show ring.... Group Winning/Top Southern Area Dog, and used as an example of PROPER MOVEMENT in The Alaskan Malamute: Yesterday & Today. Sire of 7 obedience titles, 2 working titles, & 2 TDI. After Billie died, Yuke lived to be 12y+ and ended his days with his daughters Hope & Raven, and grandson Shadow at Liz's horse farm.


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Yuke showing, G1, G2, G4, BOB... yuke-stacked.jpg (19169 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-b.jpg (14266 bytes) yuke-head.jpg (5675 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-c.jpg (14490 bytes)  
billie-yuke.jpg (13808 bytes)
jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-d.jpg (30909 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-g1.jpg (96907 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-g2.jpg (38090 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-g4.jpg (20774 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-g4b.jpg (33819 bytes)  

Yuke 11-12y... yuke-11y7m-gaiting2.jpg (17315 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-n.jpg (19153 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-f.jpg (15326 bytes) yukesnowplow.jpg (41746 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-g.jpg (40355 bytes)  
jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-e.jpg (24147 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-k.jpg (34342 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-h.jpg (38529 bytes) yukebath.jpg (16795 bytes)
yuke-woods2.jpg (21665 bytes) jallenyukonhugawolf-yuke-m.jpg (40347 bytes) yuke-woods.jpg (12226 bytes)

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