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Working Housedogs

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Carting, Scootering
& Sledding
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Obedience, Rally 
& Agility
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Back Packing 
& Hiking
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Training Logs: 2002/2003, 2003/2004, 2007/2008, 2008/2009, 2010
& 2010 Aug-Sep, 2010 November

 Generally training at Wayeh looks like this:

Birth - start Socialization 

6 weeks - intro to a leash (Mel Fishback's Lead Dog Training)

2 months - start Obedience

4 months - intro to puppy harnesses 

1 year - start WTD 

2 years - start WWPD (want those hips to be finished growing before we stress them)

3 years - start WPD (want the dog to be physically mature before we stress them)

The goal for our breed dogs is a lofty one: a working housedog who is an all-around champion.

CONFORMATION Championships
RN Rally-Obedience Novice - AKC
UR01 - UKC 
WORKING - Alaskan Malamute Club of America (AMCA) working dog titles, issued by the Canadian HELP League, which puts all the money to rescue
Working Team Dog (WTD) - HELP League
Working Lead Dog (WLD) - HELP League
United Weight Pull (UWP) - UKC
Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) - AKC
Therapy Dog (TD)
Temperament Test (TT)

And then to breed that dog in order to produce a second-generation dog of the same caliber.  Along the way, to have a blast "playing" with our dogs. <smile>  Otherwise what's the point?

This is why we have so many great mother-son days working our dogs.  The reality is a dog like Summer who has her AKC CH and was coming out in her AKC CD, had the beginnings of her working titles and temperament certifications.  Her son Snowman lives in Florida where he can't do the working titles, but he already has 5 obedience titles (so far); he can't find Malamute competition to get AKC CH points, but he has BOBs every time he goes and has 4 levels of IABCA-INT Championship titles.  Or his brother Tom T. who has all his working titles, is fast approaching his obedience, but is neutered.  Or his sister Singer who is a goofball and can't stand to be that far away from her mom on the obedience stays and hates to show in conformation -- give her the harness any day.

But it's the GOAL:

Rider (AKC CH, CGC, TT, TDI, WPD) X Summer (AKC CH, CGC, WTD)
Singer (AKC ptd, CGC, WTD)

These goals are the equivalent of college degrees of their area.  These are the things we want as a minimum.

Advanced degrees would be things like:

Specialing a dog in Conformation a coveted Group Win (G1) or Best In Show (BIS); 
Open or Utility titles in obedience (CDX, UD, UDX) or an Advanced title in Rally-Obedience or Agility; and
Excellent legs in the harness/packing areas

These things are attainable, and if a dog shows an aptitude, like our Snowman in obedience or our Tom T. in harness, than the dog will excel in that area.

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Member Oak Ridge Kennel Club since 1996, member TN Working Dog Association since 2008

Temperament, health, structure, working ability, and then type --
because a good Malamute has to be a good dog first.