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Thank-you, Nikko 

(Nikko is Charles' first cousin, their dams were littermates)

AKC ptd/INT CH Hudson's Notorious Nikko WTD "Nikko"

I can't speak of Nikko without bringing up his dam Cali.   Cali's son Nikko came to us as a 4y, so we didn't meet Cali until she was 9y and abruptly homeless.   She came to Wayeh and rules her corner of the yard with an iron paw...  But we owe her so much more than a retirement home under a shady arbor.  Cali gave us Nikko.  Nikko gave us so much more.  

cali-pup.jpg (45436 bytes) Cali Cali cali-10y-n.jpg (53423 bytes)
AKC ptd Totem's Mystic Princess "Cali"
breeder Jeanne Beroza 
(4/24/98-      )
(A/C CH Sno Shire's Slicker Than Ice WTD "Zak"
X  Can CH Baylor's Princess Toadstool "Princess")

Nikko Notorious Nikko
AKC ptd/INT CH Hudson's Notorious Nikko WTD "Nikko"
10-gen COI 17% 
breeder Dawn Truesdale, owner Sidney Helen Sachs
(CH Totem's Still Water's Run Deep WPD "Sage" 
X AKC ptd Totem's Mystic Princess "Cali")

Nikko, what a boy, what a hunk of sweet, affectionate, working Malamute.  We miss you, buddy, but see you in your daughters and grandkids -- his humongous snowshoe feet, almond arctic eyes, lovely angulated shoulder balanced with powerful driving rear, harsh weather-proof coat, sweetheart personality, and brains coupled with drive-drive-drive...

Nikko's Daughters

Littermate sisters b. 2005
(Nikko X CH Wayeh's Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD "Singer")

tori-2y-m.jpg (48670 bytes)
Wayeh Notorious Cheyenne
b. 2006 
(Nikko X Aryah Cheyenne Hooker "Mariah")

Nikko's Grandkids

Wayeh Rtic Seas "Akai"
AKC mjr ptd Wayeh Rtic Seas "Akai"
b. 2007
(Artic Luv's Dancin' Bearfoot 
"Yogi" X Sera

sirius-gait-4th-mjr.jpg (69630 bytes)
CH Mystic-Wayeh Malasaforethought "Sirius" 
b. 2008
(BISS CH Black Ice's High Voltage "Charger"
X Luna)

wyatt-2y-wpull.jpg (46017 bytes)
Wayeh Wanna Be a Cowboy
AWP 2/3 UWP "Wyatt"
b. 2008
(Wayeh Song Writer "Amak" X Tori)

Nikko's Pedigree

                +--A/C CH Barrenfield Kings' Excalibur 
            +--CH Barrenfield Budwieser 
            |   +--CAN CH Northeast Sky's Angel 
        +--Totem's Skyking O'Kip 
        |   |   +--BIS BISS CH Nanuke's A Rushin Revolution ROM
        |   +--Baylor's Game Genie 
        |       +--A/C CH Baylor Bateries Not Included 
    +--CH Totems Still Waters Run Deep WPD "Sage"
    |   |       +--CAN CH Outriggers Red Wolf TT
    |   |   +--CH Sharaden's Bleu' Chip Stock 
    |   |   |   +--Storm Kloud's Vvia Stonebridge 
    |   +--Totem's Sheba Lee 
    |       |   +--BIS BISS CH Nanuke's A Rushin Revolution ROM
    |       +--Baylor's Princess Toadstool 
    |           +--A/C CH Baylor Bateries Not Included 
+--AKC ptd/INT CH Hudson's Notorious Nikko WTD "Nikko"
    |           +--BIS BISS A/C CH Storm Kloud's Fortune O' Kasaan ROM
    |       +--BISS A/C CH Kasaan Atanik's Vvanilla Ice WTD
    |       |   +--CH Kasaan's Eloquent Edition ROM
    |   +--A/C CH Sno Shire's Slicker Than Ice WTD
    |   |   |   +--A/C CH Sno Ridge Raisin Kane At Byeyo 
    |   |   +--A/C CH Sno Shire's Paw Patent Pending ROM,WTD
    |   |       +--CH Kasaan's She's A Sno Shire Pist'l WLD,WTD
    +--AKC ptd Totem's Mystic Princess "Cali"
        |       +--A/C CH Nanukes' Winter Magic ROM
        |   +--BIS BISS CH Nanuke's A Rushin Revolution ROM
        |   |   +--CH Northeast Scarlet Fever ROM
        +--CAN CH Baylor's Princess Toadstool 
            |   +--A/C CH Barrenfield Kings' Excalibur 
            +--A/C CH Baylor Bateries Not Included 
                +--CAN CH Northeast Sky's Angel 

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