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Uyak Koyuk Kip "Kip" 
breeders Uyak Malamutes
Kip & Artic-Luv kennels
X (dam)

Kip's Pedigree

Back to Wayeh's roots, Uyak pedigrees, exemplified by Kip's gorgeous kids, Yogi & Hannah, and bred by Artic-Luv kennels.  Thanks to Bernie for sending us these two gorgeous kids, Yogi & Honey.  Kip has passed on magnificently dense & harsh artic coat, inky pigment, compact structure, moderate and balanced angles, gorgeously blocky head, and above all else, his tireless and powerful movement.

Kip's Kids @ Wayeh

Artic Luv's Dancin' Bearfoot "Yogi"
Artic Luv's Dancin' Bearfoot

b. 2006
(Kip X Artic-Luv's Whose Your Daddy? "Betty"
Artic-Luv's Honey Bear "Honey"
Artic-Luv's Honey Bear

b. 2006
(Kip X CH Artic-Luv's Echoes of Khan "Tilly)

Kip's grandkids @ Wayeh

Wayeh Song Writer "Amak"
Wayeh Song Writer
b. 8/ 2007
(Yogi X CH Wayeh's Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD "Singer")
akai-2y-d.jpg (175304 bytes)
Wayeh Rtic Seas "Akai"
b. 10/2007
(Yogi X Wayeh Sings to the Rtic Moon CGC RA UWP "Seranade")
bright-head-16m.jpg (175201 bytes)
Wayeh Star Light Star Bright
b. 5/ 2008
(Yogi X AKC mjr ptd/INT CH Wayeh Singn Follow Me Masasyu CGC RN WTD UWP "Sunny")
mxh09b-f1-3w-b.jpg (42207 bytes)
Wayeh Kiowa Grizzly Bear 
b. 6/ 2009
(AKC ptd/INT CH Wayeh Singn N Howln Masasyu UWP WTD "Maestro" X Honey)

Kip's great-grandkids @ Wayeh

Wayeh Wind Song
Wayeh Wind Song 
b. 2008
(Amak X Wohali on the Wayeh Wind UWP "Storm")
Wayeh Wanna Be a Cowboy "Wyatt"
Wayeh Wanna Be a Cowboy

b. 2008
(Amak X Wayeh Notorious Cheyenne "Tori")

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