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Wohali on the Wayeh Wind "Storm"AKC mjr ptd/INT CH
Wohali on the Wayeh Wind
WTD UWP "Storm"

storm-8y-wpull.jpg (45951 bytes)Wohali on the Wayeh Wind "Storm"AKC mjr ptd Wohali on the Wayeh Wind WTD UWP "Storm"

CH Tessa's Sir Charles CGC "Charles" 
X NAT Jr CH Wayeh's Cherokee Faith CGC RN WPD "Faith"

WS01960806, b. 10/31/02, 23" & 73lbs skinny working weight @ 5y, gray/white female
10-gen COI 3%, OFA Good, CERF clear , Thyroid Normal 
Breeders John & Dorothy Moyers/Wohali, Stud owner Lori Hicks/Masasyu
Owner/Handler Sidney Helen Sachs
Short Pedigree & Generations, Storm's Picture Page, Dam of Trumpet

In Cherokee Wohali on the Wayeh Wind means "Eagle on the Wolf Wind" i.e. Winter Wind, or North Wind.  Storm is Hope's outcrossed granddaughter.  And looks more like great-aunt Summer every day.

Names are not easy.  I had this one's name picked out for her weeks ahead of time...  Dad is Sir Charles (Lindberg) a flyer, a seducer of the wind.  Mom is Cherokee Faith from the Eagle/Wohali kennel out of the Wolf/Wayeh kennel.  Wind, Eagle, flyer, wind... The hurricane force winds that come across the Taku River in Juneau, Alaska, starting in October are called Taku... And "Takubvik" is Inuit for Apple of the Eye. Therefore, Wohali on the Wayeh Wind (Eagle on the Wolf  Wind), call name Taku.  She was named weeks before she came home. And she did not fit the name.  However, Storm fits her and her registered name, and she has an Honorary "Uncle" Stormy at her breeder's house, so she is Storm. Sometimes it works that way.  This is the puppy that caught my eye at birth.  Something about her.  I've watched her grow up and we did Pat Hastings's Puppy Puzzle evaluation on the entire litter and I was pleased as punch when John & Dorothy kept Puppy2 so I could have Puppy6.

Tom T. has a crush on Storm. As in when he play bows all the way to the ground and Storm grabs an ear, he will roll over on top of her and crush her.  River has adopted her.  As in when she gets fed up she carefully picks her up and dunks her butt in the toilet.  Now she thinks she owns the puppy-sized porcelain swimming pool. 

So, the first time in the ring and she beats her kennelmate cousin Singer by going RWB over the Bred-by bitch (Singer) and the Open bitch.  Grumph!  I'm going to have to leave her home until Singer gets those last single!  <big smile>  What a problem to have

2006 AMCA National Specialty -- Way to go, Stormi!  She pulled 1080lbs at the Regional Specialty weightpull, 2040lbs at the National Specialty weightpull, and again 2040lbs at the Interstate Challenge weightpull.  What a powerhouse she is!  My one-ton baby!

Storm is stocky, strong, sturdy, and all lady when she pulled over a ton at the 06 NS in Knoxville, my one-ton baby!  She's also my lap baby and adores all people under 4' tall because they will shake paw for hours on end and woo back at her. 

At the UKC weightpull Morristown Nov 08, Storm pulled 1810#, 1st place, and Most Weight Pulled, the next day she pulled 2110#, 25x her weight.  Way to go, Stormi! 

10/2010 UKC weightpull Athens, Storm pulls 16x & 18.97x -- WTG, Storm!

Short Pedigree

Tessa's Sir Charles
CH Tessa's Sir Charles CGC
10-gen COI 2.8%, OFA Good
CH Kohoutec's Magnetic North "Magnet" 10-gen COI 9% CH Kohoutec's Blackfoot Indi "Indi"
CH Kohoutec's Salubrious Spirit
CH Baylor's Howlin Hannah-Tessa "Hannah" 10-gen COI 20% BIS BISS CH Nanuke's A Rushin Revolution ROM "Laz"
CH Baylor Bateries Not Included ROM "Ready"
Wayeh's Cherokee Faith
Wayeh's Cherokee Faith
10-gen COI 37% OFA Good
CH Wayeh's Cherokee Brave CGC, TT, TDI "Cherokee" 10-gen COI 17% CH Kiwaliks Vykon Indiana Jones CD TT ROM 
Wayeh Needa Mist TT ROM OB-ROM "Wayeh"
U-CD Wayeh's I Believe In Hope CGC TDI WPD "Hope" 10-gen COI 28% CH J Allen's Yukon Hug-A-Wolf "Yuke"
INT Vet CH Wayeh's Just Before the Dawn CGC "Justice" 


Wayeh Needa Mist TT ROM OB-ROM "Wayeh"
  Wayeh Nvwati Svnoyi "Midnight"
    CH Wayeh's Sassafras Lass "Razzy"
      INT Vet CH Wayeh's Just Before the Dawn CGC "Justice"
        U-CD Wayeh's I Believe In Hope CGC TDI WPD "Hope"
          NAT Jr CH Wayeh's Cherokee Faith CGC WPD "Faith"
                AKC mjr ptd/INT CH Wohali On the Wayeh Wind WTD "Storm" 
                    (bred by the Moyers/Wohali)

Storm is the dam of: 

AKC ptd Wayeh Winter Wind CGC "Shiver" (RIP)

Wayeh Wind Song "Trumpet"

Storm is the granddam of:

Wayeh Distant Drums "Drummer"


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