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Sep 2012

midnight-1y.jpg (84927 bytes) midnight-1y-b.jpg (114248 bytes) midnight-1y-c.jpg (281601 bytes) midnight-1y-d.jpg (101572 bytes) midnight-1y-e.jpg (80667 bytes)
1y Wayeh-Pacific Last Call "Midnight"
(Clay X Theia)

cadence-22m.jpg (59609 bytes) cadence-22m-b.jpg (193855 bytes) cadence-22m-c.jpg (143587 bytes) cadence-22m-d.jpg (73174 bytes) cadence-22m-e.jpg (90466 bytes) cadence-22m-f.jpg (171498 bytes) cadence-22m-g.jpg (111951 bytes)
2y Wayeh Drum Song "Cadence" 
(Pax X Trumpet)

grace-17m.jpg (87887 bytes) grace-17m-b.jpg (239433 bytes) grace-17m-f.jpg (76986 bytes) grace-17m-d.jpg (95245 bytes) grace-17m-e.jpg (71037 bytes)  grace-17m-g.jpg (138554 bytes)
17m Wayeh Bearing Sea "Grace" 
(Akai X Honey)

mesa-4m.jpg (110847 bytes) mesa-4m-b.jpg (182657 bytes) mesa-4m-c.jpg (85958 bytes) mesa-4m-d.jpg (96820 bytes) sera-mesa-water.jpg (165298 bytes) ditty-9m-water.jpg (125596 bytes)
4m Wayeh Under Western Skies "Mesa" 
(Wyatt X Seranade)

maestro-9y.jpg (91614 bytes) maestro-9y-b.jpg (98034 bytes)
9y AKC ptd/INT CH Wayeh Singn N Howln Masasyu WTD UWP "Maestro" 
(Charles X Singer)

sailor-4m.jpg (126033 bytes) sailor-4m-b.jpg (121289 bytes) sailor-4m-c.jpg (75655 bytes)
4m Wayeh Red Sky at Night "Sailor" 
(Akai X Bright)

May 2012

clay-7y.jpg (112530 bytes)
7y Clay stands and waits for me to take his picture.  

Masasyu's Muddy Waters WTD "Clay"


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Contact Wayeh    *    423-365-6039    *    Spring City, (East) Tennessee
Wayeh Alaskan Malamutes last updated 09/19/2012

Member Oak Ridge Kennel Club since 1996, member TN Working Dog Association since 2008

Temperament, health, structure, working ability, and then type --
because a good Malamute has to be a good dog first.