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Siberian Huskies
In the Beginning

Misha, CHief, Echo, John, Nu, Mark

Wayeh Siberians is located in Tennessee.  I (Sidney) started with a second-hand Siberian who was first class all the way in the things that counted: tolerance for her human's many mistakes; an ability to train her human; temperament, temperament, & temperament.  Tosha rocks, for all her conformation faults, she's still the best.  From there I got into rescue, from there I met some wonderful show breeders, Judy Pilkay (Juroblyn Siberians), Betty & Chuck Charlton (Solocha Siberians), and, of course, Billie Stewart (Wayeh Malamutes).

I assembled a motley crew of Siberians (and Malamutes) and, along with a used and much-battered racing rig, I started running the dogs.

Ever wonder what it would be like to hook 6 fireballs to a dogsled and launch yourself down a snow-covered driveway straight towards a 4-lane highway?  See pic above.  Me driving, Misha & Chief at wheel, Echo & John at swing, Nu & Mark in lead. 

Tosha, CGC
Chief Chuckhi "Chief"
Mighty Mishaman "Misha"
Solocha's Marksman, CGC "Mark"
National Jr CH Juroblyn's Shaconagee Echo "Echo"
Solocha's Robin Masters  "Robin"
Juroblyn's Brand New Star, WTD "Brandi"
CH Solocha's Last Rebel's Yell, WTD  "Rebel"
Sam & Ruth
INT Jr CH Juroblyn's Rhythm N Woos CGC WTD WWPD "Bess" 

Solocha's Jonathan Higgins CGC, WTD "John" 

Juroblyn's Ashes Tell Tales WTD "Jazz" 

Tosha on leftTosha, CGC (1/1/90-5/23/02)
12yo, dilute black/white, blue-eyed spayed female 
--QOATS - Queen of All Things Siberian, Co-Leader on my sled team until a year after her vision failed with cataracts.  (Yes, you read that correctly.) Despite the bone cancer, cataracts, & epilepsy, she lounged in splendiferous retirement under the coffee table and gives me what for at the beginning, and end, of every run.  She ran on the sled team from 1995-2001 (and supervised in 2002).  And then came Nu.  And then came Chief.

ChiefMark and Chief (with Mark on left)
Therapy & sled dog, Chief Chuckhi "Chief" (1993-2000)
7yo, gray/white, blue-eyed, neutered male
Chief was supposed to be a rescue.  But he stayed.  I tried placing him several times.  I always backed out at the last moment, found the adopters another dog.  Chief was severely displastic.  The vet gave me the choice of euthanizing him as a 4yo or teaching him to swim.  So we rowed out into the middle of the lake and Chief wore the look of betrayal even before I tossed him over.  He learned to swim.  And gradually his muscles became strong enough to support what his skeleton could not.  Chief ran on our sled team from 1995 to Spring 2000.  And then along came Misha, Mark, & Echo.  

Therapy & sled dog, Mighty Mishaman "Misha" (1988-2000)
12yo, black/white, brown-eyed, neutered male
Misha was a rescue from another state.  He was our indefatigable wheel dog at 12 years of age when he laid down in his kennel and went to sleep one day.  Mighty Misha-Man ran on our sled team from 1997 to Spring 2000.

Mark and Chief (with Chief on right)
Therapy & Sleddog, Solocha's Marksman, CGC (1995- )
One of the three musketeers lost though divorce.  I trained Mark in obedience, harness, and therapy work.  He was a world-class dog with a true benign Alpha nature.  He could throw off calming vibes and settle down the worst situation.  And he never barked, rarely made any noise at all.  So when we were looking for the third musketeer we specifically asked for something that looked like Mark but made noise.  Really bad plan...

National Jr CH Juroblyn's Shaconagee Echo "Echo" (1999- )
Little miss Echo the Gecko had a screech like a banshee.  She made plenty of noise.  She was also intense in harness and lost to divorce.  Raised in my arms or my lap, she never wanted to be too far away from the action.

Sled dog, Solocha's Robin Masters
1yo, red/white,. amber-eyed, neutered male
Robin, sweet Red Robinhood was starting in agility.  His favorite thing was getting his twin brother John in trouble.  He ran our sled team a short 6 months.

& (Jazz on left)
Sled dog, Juroblyn's Brand New Star, WTD "Brandi"
& Sled dog, CH Solocha's Last Rebel's Yell, WTD "Rebel"
Brandi and Rebel came to stay for the 2002 fall training session and earn their excursion sledding titles.  They are dynamite in harness and a joy to live with.  Am expensive incident with a neighbors' horse sent them reluctantly back to their breeders.  They are sorely missed.

(4/13/2002-    )
Sled dogs Wayeh's Sam & Wayeh's Ruth "Rio"
Littermates who went to WV to live with 2 other littermates Ixa & Koyuk and run on a sledteam when they were 1yo.

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