CH Wayeh's Cherokee Summer CGC WTD "Summer"

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Wayeh-Bred dogs in current pedigrees

Wayeh Needa Mist

Lazarus Wayeh

Wayeh's Midnight
Wayeh's Cagney

Wayeh's Razzy

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Wayeh's Just Before the Dawn "Justice"
Wayeh's I Believe In Hope "Hope"
Wayeh's Cherokee Summer

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Wayeh's Tom-Tom of SnowSong
Tom T.

CH Wayeh's Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD "Singer" - born 1999 (Rider X Summer)

These are the Wayeh Malamutes represented in today's Wayeh pedigrees.  There are many more Wayeh Mals in the Photo Albums (1981-present).

Wayeh-bred Mals in current pedigrees

Wayeh Needa Mist TT ROM OB-ROM "Wayeh"

Lazarus Wayeh "Laz"

Wayeh Nvwati Svnoyi "Midnight"

CH (Wayeh's) Vykon's Fasination CD "Cagney"

CH Wayeh's Sassafras Lass "Razzy"

CH J Allen Yukon Hug-A-Wolf "Yuke"
CH Wayeh's Cherokee Brave "Cherokee"

Wayeh's Shoshone Sunwalker IWPA-WWPDX "Shoney"

AKC ptd/INT Vet CH Wayeh's Just Before the Dawn CGC "Justice"

AKC/INT CH Wayeh's Arctic Wind's Shadow CGC TT TDI "Shadow"

U-CD Wayeh's I Believe in Hope CGC TDI "Hope"

AKC/INT CH Wayeh's Cherokee Summer CGC WTD "Summer"

Wayeh's Cherokee Faith CGC RN WPD "Faith"

Multi BISV Nat'l Jr/Nat'l/Int'l CH Wayeh's Tom-Tom of SnowSong CGC RN WTD WLD WWPD "Tom T." 

AKC/INT CH Wayeh's Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD "Singer" 


Brought to Wayeh for breeding

Snow Song's Night Rider


Brought to Wayeh for breeding

CH Snow Song's Night Rider CGC TT TDI "Rider"

AKC ptd/INT CH Hudson's Notorious Nikko WTD "Nikko

RBIS UKC INT CH Ksarah's Hope Inditarod 2/3 UWP WTD "Brady"

But Before the Wayeh dogs...

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team-snow-6sibes.jpg (16103 bytes) Misha, CHief, Echo, John, Nu, Mark
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In 1990, I (Sidney Helen Sachs) started with Tosha, the Siberians, and Sleddog Rescue (700 Siberians & Malamutes in 12 years), and these are some of the ones who became mine, or I became theirs...

Jack 1/12/95-10/1/97 (w/ Sidney)

Jack - I was introduced to the Alaskan Malamute by a rogue named Jack. He came into rescue as a really big "husky."  He was big all right, 110# and his papers said he was something called an Alaskan Malamute.  Oh boy, a Siberian on steroids.  He was not a great Malamute.  He was not even a good Malamute in temperament or structure.  But there was enough oversized clown and charming rogue that I was hooked.

Lucky 1994-Missing 9/30/97

Lucky was not - lucky, that is.  In his first 18 months, he lived in 7 homes.  When he got stressed, he left.  No matter what he had to do in order to leave.  He was with me for his next 18 months.  The night before Jack had to be put to sleep for aggression and Bear had to be put to sleep for lung cancer, he went over the fence and vanished.  I look for him still.  

Miss Mamma Bear 10/11/87-10/1/97 (w/ Darlene)

Company B's Silver Bullet - Miss Mamma Bear came to me as a 9yo.  She was a doll, through and through.  Lung cancer took her less than a year after she sashayed into my life.  But the impression she left, of regal grace and clownish humor as she sat in the basket of the sled and WOOOOOOed at the top of her lungs to make the dogs go faster and faster.  

Then came the Wayeh dogs...

Summer 8/21/97-6/4/02

AKC/INT CH Wayeh's Cherokee Summer CGC WTD - Summer came to me days after loosing Jack, Bear, and Lucky.  And she left much too soon.  She was all things Malamute.  My first show puppy, my first AKC CH, my first brood bitch, and my friend.  Godspeed, brat.

Justice - Momma J. 3/31/92 - 2/16/01 (with Liz)

INT Vet CH Wayeh's Just Before the Dawn CGC - In her last years, Summer's Momma graced my couch and sang for her supper.  She was hell on wheels and I miss her spirit -- "I'm gonna like you a whole lot," she'd tell me. "But Billie is my only momma."  Her grandkids Tom T. and Singer inherited her willing heart and her devotion.

Cherokee 3/4/88 - 6/2/00

AKC CH Wayeh's Cherokee Brave CGC TDI TT - Cher-Cher was the reason I fell in love with Wayeh Malamutes.  He never met a person he didn't like.  And he was a charming Southern Gentleman than frequently lived with intact males without a hitch.  He (and his daughter Justice) came to me after Billie's death and I loved having all four generations - Tom T. & Singer, Summer, Justice, & the old man Cherokee.

Egret 1998-1992

Wayeh's Skygazer WTD NKC-WPT1 WWPD IWPA-WWPD - Summer's half sister, my first weightpull dog, Egret was inherited when Billie died.  Placed in a pet home in New England. 

Spirit 1998- (with Sidney)

INT CH Wayeh's Spirit of the Sentinel - Summer's half sister, my first conformation titled dog, Spirit came back to Wayeh after her owner died.  She was placed in a pet home in North Carolina and is still going strong @ 12y. 

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