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FAQ - Pet vs. Show Puppies, what's the difference?  

Wayeh Pet Puppies
Limited AKC Registration
Owned solely by the buyer
Spay/ neuter contract 
OFA hips @ spay/neuter
CERF eyes/Thyroid @ 2y
Show Puppies
Full AKC Registration
Co-owned with Wayeh
Breeding contract 
OFA hips at 2y
CERF eyes/Thyroid annually
May be shown in Conformation.
All Wayeh Puppies:
$1000, $300 shipping
6-year genetic health warranty
AVID microchip
AKC registration papers
Litter health record
First vet-administered vaccinations
Regular fecal checks by a vet & deworming
7-day warranty against communicable disease
Modern socialization techniques (Battaglia, Pfaffenberger, Pryor)
Parents with OFA/CERF/Thyroid
Temperament testing @ 6w & 7w
Ability to show their Wayeh puppy in obedience, Rally & weightpulling
Lifetime support through our WayehMals email group, by phone, or in person
Wayeh Puppy Buyers: 
Complete the puppy vaccination schedule for parvo, distempter, rabies.
Place the puppy on monthly heartworm prevention AND regular deworming above that
Test their Wayeh puppies for OFA Hips, CERF Eyes, & Thyroid
Complete Puppy Socialization Class AND Beginner's Obedience Class
Make their Wayeh puppies housedogs and members of the family
Join the WayehMals email group until their puppy is at least 8m old 

Breeding Contract includes everything in the pet contract PLUS:

Wayeh approves all breedings before they take place -- and only to full-registration AKC Alaskan Malamutes OF QUALITY with current OFA, CERF, Thyroid & brucellosis.
If bred, the co-owner who does not whelp the litter gets 2nd pick puppy.  
Litters from co-owned bitches will have either WAYEH as the prefix or hyphenated kennel names.  If hyphenated, the kennel name of the person who whelped the litter is first, for instance WAYEH-MYSTIC was whelped @ Wayeh, co-owned with Mystic.  MYSTIC-WAYEH was whelped @ Mystic, co-owned with Wayeh.
Wayeh signs off on a co-owned bitch after receiving 2nd pick puppy (& AKC papers) from an approved stud.
Wayeh retains co-ownership on co-owned males. 

Hopefully a show puppy is a cut above the rest of the litter.  Hopefully a show puppy is a cut above the rest of the breed.  And comes with the POTENTIAL to not only finish his AKC championship, but to also contribute positively to the breed and your breeding goals.  Not every puppy deserves an AKC championship, and not all AKC champions should be bred.  When a breeder is willing to sell any dog with breeding rights to just any one who knocks on the door -- look out.  Pet stores sell "show quality" puppies and all that means is you have papers, often from a junk registry. Breeders who care care about the future of their puppies AND the breed. will ask you to uphold certain standards of breeding.

At Wayeh I sell very few show puppies, or more appropriately show prospects.  If I really want the puppy shown or bred, I'll keep her myself.  Occasionally I'll offer a show puppy on a co-ownership because I just don't have room or time for 2 puppies right then.

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