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FAQ - Long-coats @ Wayeh

Watch 2 brothers grow up

justice-9y.jpg (31678 bytes)
short long-coat & silky
shoshone.jpg (13496 bytes)
short long-coat & harsh

AKC Alaskan Malamute Standard
"The coat is thick with a coarse guard coat of sufficient length to protect a woolly undercoat." "The Malamute has a thick, coarse guard coat, never long and soft. The undercoat is dense, from one to two inches in depth, oily and woolly. The coarse guard coat varies in length as does the undercoat. The coat is relatively short to medium along the sides of the body, with the length of the coat increasing around the shoulders and neck, down the back, over the rump, and in the breeching and plume. Malamutes usually have a shorter and less dense coat during the summer months. The Malamute is shown naturally. Trimming is not acceptable except to provide a clean cut appearance of feet."

OK, so never long and soft... well, that should properly read, "not supposed to be" long and soft because they frequently ARE long and soft.  Some people call the long-coats "woolies" but that is confusing when you read the standard and it says the correct coat is oily and woolly.  So I'll call them long-coats (LC) & normal coats.

A long-coat is often MUCH longer than a normal coat, with usually no difference in length between the LC's undercoat and his guard coat (no halo when you hold them up to the light).  The LC can also have a softer texture than desired so they can get wet much easier -- but not always.

To make it confusing, both the LC and the normal coat have modifiers that determine the length of the hair (short, medium and long), and the texture of the hair (harsh, silky, or cottony).  So compare Parka to her sire Maestro, and Sonny Boy to his dam Sunny below. 

parka-2y-e.jpg (40813 bytes)
short long-coat & harsh
gray sable & white
maestro-bob-3y.jpg (71470 bytes)
medium short-coat & harsh
LC carrier
sonnyboy-7m-b.jpg (24319 bytes)
Sonny Boy
medium long-coat & soft
gray sable & white
sunny-4pt-3y.jpg (68343 bytes)
long short-coat & soft
LC carrier

The short coats also have 3 different lengths, short, medium, long.  Summer has more bone than her grandkids, below, and not nearly as much coat.  Maestro & Sunny have excellent leg coat, and a little extra fluff in their britches and tail plumes, evidence of the LC gene (all three are carriers for LC).  The long-coat (LC) gene is recessive, and must be inherited from both parents.  Our best coats come from LC CARRIERS, they get the LC gene from only one parent.  

summer-finish-0205-b.jpg (30553 bytes)
short short-coat & harsh
LC carrier
maestro-bob-3y.jpg (71470 bytes)
medium short-coat & harsh
LC carrier
sunny-4pt-3y.jpg (68343 bytes)
long short-coat & soft
LC carrier

There is currently one genetic test for the Alaskan Malamute, and that is for the long-coat (LC) gene.  It doesn't tell you anything about the modifiers that determine the length of the LC and therefore is incomplete information.

When we have bred to dogs who do not carry the LC gene at all, we also get very very short coats... Nikko, for instance, has a correct coat in the winter, and his massive bone fooled the eye into thinking he had more leg coat then he did.  This super short leg coat was because of both being a short normal coat and NOT carrying the LC gene.  He often threw very tight, very short coats, almost a Siberian coat or a summer coat, as he does not carry the modifier for THICK coats that Maestro does through the LC gene.  Short coats are JUST as incorrect as long coats.  There needs to be a definite LENGTH to the coat in order for it to work as insulation, without any softness or silkiness to it.

Here are some of Wayeh's long-coats.

Wayeh's Just Before the Dawn
b. 1992 Justice (Cherokee X Razzy)

J is a seal & white long-coat (LC) with short modifiers but after she was spayed, her coat got longer and softer and much harder to manage.   Even without the hair, she had massive bone, huge snow shoe feet, and a broad chest, muzzle, and head to go with it.

justice-10mo2.jpg (14113 bytes)

b. 1995 Hope (Yuke X Justice)

Hope was a gray & white LC with a cotton-candy texture -- she looked like an oversized dandelion PUFF.  When shaved, she gathered every burr and briar within 3 feet.  She also had truly massive bone, feet, chest, muzzle, and head under all that hair.

hope-baby.jpg (9766 bytes)
juneau-sitting2.JPG (11376 bytes)
b. 1997 Juneau (Shadow X Justice) 1 of 3 LCs

A gray & white LC with a harsh stand-off texture.  Brother to Summer who was a LC carrier.  Never bred as he lost a leg as a result of damage during a c-section. 

wayehsbrokenarrowofjuneau-d.jpg (15406 bytes)
(right 2w)
keeper-0102.jpg (9575 bytes)
b. 2000 Keeper (Cherokee X Hope) 2 of 5 LCs

Keeper is a gray & white long LC with harsh texture.  His coat stands off from his body, but it is SO long that it also drapes from the center line.  Massive everything.

keeper-10wo.JPG (15320 bytes)
freya-loki-10mo.jpg (25301 bytes)
b. 2006 Loki (Maestro X Kayobi) 1 of 10 LCs

Gray & White medium LC with his normal-coated sister Freya.

mxk-m4-6wo.jpg (22417 bytes)
When can you tell if the coat is a long-coat? For instance: Loki's coat
mxk-m4-2wo-head.jpg (12775 bytes) mxk-m4-3wo.jpg (17075 bytes) mxk-m4-4wo-head.jpg (11616 bytes) mxk-m4-5wo-b.jpg (23322 bytes) mxk-m4-6wo.jpg (22417 bytes) mxk-m4-7wo.jpg (11419 bytes)
1w 2w 3w 4w 5w 6w 7w

Birth - some say the hair is curly when wet at birth, but I don't generally take those pictures and can't say.  Wet - behind the ears and the leg coat is generally wavy when wet on long-coats.  2w - usually obviously SOFT by 2w when compared to a normal harsh coat in the same litter and the leg coat is slightly longer. 3w - you can see a little bit of extra hair between the eyes (Shilon Bedford calls this a terrier look).  4w - hair is definitively BIGGER in pictures and the pup has a "sculpted look" which means no longer guard hairs or halo sticking out.

mxk-m4-1wo-stand.jpg (12763 bytes) mxk-m4-2wo-stand.jpg (18039 bytes) mxk-m4-5wo-c.jpg (21992 bytes) mxk-m4-7wo-d.jpg (17540 bytes)
1w 2w 5w 7w
parka-2y.jpg (21915 bytes)
b. 2007 Parka (Maestro X Kayobi) 5 of 11 LCs

Sable & white short LC & harsh.  She was the least puffy of the puffs in this litter, a repeat of the one above.  At 1y reminds me of Justice's more draping coat, but is not as long, and is VERY harsh, very water repellent, oily and completely weatherproof like a normal coat.  Big bone & muzzle, not overdone.

parka-6w-b.jpg (20825 bytes)
herman-eddie-07.jpg (70082 bytes)
Herman & Eddie b. 2007 (Maestro X Hannah) 3 of 10 LCs

Herman (seal) is a medium long-coat with silky texture.  Eddie (gray) is a medium long-coat with harsh texture.  Big everything.

mxh-m3-5w-front.jpg (15702 bytes)mxh-m4-8w-b.jpg (18289 bytes)
akela-6m.jpg (72080 bytes)
Akela b. 2007 (Maestro X Hannah) 3 of 10 LCs

Short long-coat with _____ texture.

mxh-f5-7w-head.jpg (12081 bytes)
stella-sonny-1y.jpg (29932 bytes) kismet-9m-c.jpg (51763 bytes) karma-10m-c.jpg (46637 bytes)
seal & white
medium long-coat & harsh
Good bone, etc.
Sonny Boy (rt)
sable & white
long long-coat & harsh
seal & white
medium long-coat & harsh
Good bone, etc.
sable & white
long normal-caot & harsh
normal bone, etc.

Long-coats take a LOT more maintenance than a normal coated puppy.  Normal coats are self-cleaning, long-coats are anything but.  LCs can develop skin problems if neglected because the hair "can be" so dense that air has a hard time circulating.  A good groomer is a must, whether that's you or one you hire.  A forced-air power dryer for dogs is a MUST as is a metal greyhound comb and a leave-in spray detangler.  Some LCs have such a harsh texture that they don't tangle, but the detangler will help separate the hairs, which removes the dead hairs and keeps a cleaner and cleaner-smelling coat, allowing better air circulation way down under that blanket of hair.

There is nothing cuter than a LC puppy and nothing more magnificent than a well-maintained LC adult.  But if you are not up to the extra work or hiring it done, please don't get a LC. 

The WORST thing you can do for them is shave them.  That removes all the guard hairs and that's the only texture in their coats -- which means every burr grabs that wooly undercoat.  If you shave them closer than that, then you risk sunburn and heat stroke.  

In an old dog, especially one with a huge shaggy bear-like coat, even a normal but massive old dog coat, I will shave under the throat, down the chest, between the front legs, the arm pits, the belly (leaving the long side hairs as camoflage), the abdomen, the groin, and the inner legs.  These are the major heat exchange areas, where big blood vessels are right under the skin, and the dog can belly down on a cool surface to drop his temperature, and in an emergency, you can get cool water to the skin easier and more efficiently.  Generally, the groin shave was the best solution since the old dogs with the big shaggy coats would dig a cool pit and lie down in it. 

Commit to the work of a LC or get a dog with hair that you can live with -- be fair to the puppy.

Best Link Ever for long-coat comparisons 

dare-8wo-9.jpg (5128 bytes) keeper12wk.jpg (21584 bytes) mxm-m1-4wo.jpg (9311 bytes) mxk2-f2-10w.jpg (17552 bytes) mxk-f2-6w.jpg (20780 bytes) mxk-f5-6w-head.jpg (11915 bytes) mxl-m1-6wo.jpg (21040 bytes) mxs-m2-4w-f.jpg (14948 bytes) mxh-f5-7w-head.jpg (12081 bytes) mxh-m3-5w-front.jpg (15702 bytes) mxh-m4-8w-b.jpg (18289 bytes) bxh-f3-6w.jpg (14115 bytes) bxs-f2-6w-c.jpg (36386 bytes) bxh-5w-e.jpg (36785 bytes) bxs-f2-8w.jpg (35014 bytes) bxs-f3-6w-b.jpg (32742 bytes) bxh-m4-12w.jpg (33786 bytes) axt-7w-m3.jpg (34055 bytes) axt-m2-6w-p.jpg (64019 bytes) 


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