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FAQ - A Day In the Life of a Puppy

2-month-old Puppy, 11-month-old Puppy

A 2-month-old puppy is ready to learn.  You can teach this puppy to be a monster or an angel.  The breeder will have started out by choosing the pedigree and doing early socialization, but now the fun starts.

am - Alarm goes off, puppy pops up, bouncing in her crate, Gotta PEE.  Mom shoves her feet into shoes, grabs the leash snapped to the crate door, opens the crate door, scoops up puppy, and heads for the door.  She did this a couple of times last night without really waking up.  Sets puppy down outside and puppy squats, Ah, relief!  When puppy stands up, finished, mom clucks with her tongue (forgot the clicker next to the bed) and rubs puppy's head in praise (forgot the treats next to the clicker) and hooks up the leash to the collar (forgot to do that as well).  She starts off down the yard and puppy bows up a little at the tug on the collar, but Mom bends down to her level, murmurs happily to her and wiggles her fingers.  Puppy steps towards the fingers, which rub under her chin, More tongue clicks because the clicker is sitting on the table next to the bed.  and Mom backs up, so Puppy is now following, more tongue clicks, rubbing puppy's chin, and a Good, Puppy! just because. Mom eases around until she is is right on her heels, clingy because the safety zone is real tight the first few days away from home.  There is a leaf to pounce on and a shadow to stare at, and Mom encourages her with soft praise and Mom bends over a lot for rubs under puppy's chin.  Then they are back to the door.  Mom says, Puppy Sit! And because she forgot the treats, she gently lifts the chin, and gently eases the rear down.  GOOD, Puppy!  Puppy wiggles all over and Mom smiles at her before opening the door.  Puppy follows on her heels to the kitchen, leashed, but already knows where food is in the kitchen.  

Mom hooks the leash over her wrist and picks up the already-filled puppy bowl from the counter.  Puppy Screeches and jumps on the cabinet door.  Mom eases a knee over and nudges puppy off the counter, Puppy Sit! she says happily, holding one kibble on puppy's nose, and easing it back towards the tail, so puppy's nose goes up, her butt goes down, and as mom hands her the kibble, the bowl hits the floor at puppy's feet.  Puppy dives into the bowl and mom bend over and wiggles her fingers in the bowl, rubs puppy's muzzle while she eats, and tells her what a good girl she is.  Mom takes her hand away from the bowl, grabs a liver treat from the counter, and puts her hand back in the bowl with the liver treat in the middle of her fist.  When puppy grabs at her hand with teeth, mom says, Naaahhhhh! and keeps her fist closed.  Puppy licks her fist and mom opens her fist so puppy can get the super treat!  Mom scoops up puppy and plops her in her crate in the kitchen, not the one she slept in in the bedroom.  And Mom starts to get ready for the day.  Puppy screeches to wake the dead and mom/////


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An 11-month-old puppy is 


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