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FAQ - Sample Calendar from breeding to Go-Home

This is a general schedule for all litters, details will vary somewhat.

Plan a litter -- make sure sire and dam have Brucellosis, vaccinations, fecal checks, and vet exam before she comes in season.  Put mom on Eukanuba Sporting 30/20 for the extra nutrition she will soon need.  She should not be FAT or even PUDGY, but she have plenty of muscle before she is bred.
Dam comes in season - 3 days of Panacur, this is a preventive measure
Breeding takes place - mark calendar, everyone but Storm will deliver in 63 days
Pregnancy - (see pregnancy calendar)
Day 55 (due in 1 week) dam moves into the house full time if she's not already there
Day 60 dam is walked on leash with towel over my shoulder from here on in
Day 63 - Birth - mom gets 3 days of Panacur, again because her system is most vulnerable now and since starting this I have had no worms in puppies
Birth to 2w - pups are in the house with mom
handled many times/day ENS - Early Neurological Stimulation begins, birth to 21 days
10-14 days - Eyes start to open
2 weeks -  New Knowledge of Dog Behavior
2w-3w-4w-6w-8w-10w - Pyrantal Pomoate dewormer (Nemex II is one brand)
5w-7w-9w-11w Interceptor, then monthly 
7w 2x/day for 5 days Ditrim
3 weeks (21 days) - Ears are fully open
4 weeks
pups are offered Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy 26/14 - dry kibble soaked in water
pups are really eating on their own, free feeder with dry kibble, water is offered all the time separately 
Rules of 7
5 weeks
Vet Visit for weights & fecal checks
start to have visitors 
Pryor's Clicker litter - Sit for attention, sit for food bowl, come when called
6 weeks
Lead Dog Training for 3 days. Sometimes 3 days in a row, sometimes every other day, but three short walks, with obstacles, in a new area, notes recorded in litternotes
7 weeks
Temperament Tests & Aptitude Tests - & results posted to the web, call puppy buyers in order of deposits and make "picks". Evaluator should NOT be the breeder, it should be a stranger in a strange place. 
CERF eye exams Dr. Morgan (Knoxville's Village Vet)
8 weeks 
Health Certificates, litter records, vaccinations with NO Lepto, weights & fecals
Trip to Sonic for ice cream & chicken nuggets, a TASTE, not a meal
Trip to mailbox
Call for flight reservations Delta
Trip to mom's house
9 Weeks - GO HOME!
Shipping via Delta's Pets First
local buyers can pick up

After puppy arrives, you have a lot of things to accomplish in the next 60 days

2 months - Puppy Arrives in her new home NO PARTIES YET
Initial Vet Visit to review health records, examine puppy, schedule remaining vaccinations appointments, and purchase heartworm prevention, and flea/tick prevention.  Unless your vet specifically says othewise, the dog should be on heartworm prevention YEAR ROUND.
Housetraining -- see FAQs
Leash training
Sitting for attention instead of jumping up
Bite Inhibition
Teach Take it, Leave it, Drop it, Drop it NOW!!!!!!
Teach the puppy to lie in your lap QUIETLY while you examine belly, ears, eyes, nose, teeth
Put your hand in the puppies food bowl every day because it belongs to YOU
Toe nail trims
3 months
Puppy Socialization classes -- schedule these before puppy comes home!
Meeting other vaccinated dogs now that you have at least 2 vaccinations
Housetraining and sleeping through the night should be going well
Begin teaching sit & stay, down & stay, stand for exam by your vet
Teach spin left, spin right, back up, play bow, shake, high 5, wag the tail, sneeze, speak
4 months (16 weeks)
Everything you have taught the puppy (taught them well) before now is imprinted in their brains forever.  Everything you have forgotten to teach before now will be 10 times harder to teach.  A puppy that learns to sit for attention before 16 weeks will ALWAYS know how to sit for attention and it will be one of his fall-back behaviors.  If you have taught the puppy to jump up, bark in his crate, soil in the house, and bite your hands -- those things will also be automatic behaviors from now on.
Many vets do not want you to socialize your puppy with ANY dogs before the full series of vaccinations happens.  That's a good idea from a medical point of view.  It is a complete DISASTER from a socialization point of view.  Your puppy has a JOB TO ACCOMPLISH  before 16 weeks, it's now or never.  So find a PUPPY socialization class that requires vaccines and be smart.  Don't go to puppy parks, daycare, or walking down the street where any sick dog can walk.  Don't let your puppy eliminate in the grass outside the petstore -- go to the furthest corner of asphalt (heat kills germs) and lay down a wee-pad.  Once puppy eliminates, reward, pick them up and put them in a buggy.  Your puppy must be SAFE and SOCIALIZED by 16 weeks.
5 months 
Vaccination series should be completed, do intensive socialization from now on.  At my house, anyone under a year old goes to a public park for 5 minutes of training each and every week.  It's NOT an effort to teach sit, down, stay.  It's an effort to get them used to car rides, new and public spaces, and other people.  NOTE: I do not let my dogs meet other dogs in a public park -- how do you know he hasn't killed the last puppy he saw?  How do you know he is vaccinated?  How do you know he hasn't bitten the last human he saw?  Puppy playdates are arranged through daycare or training classes -- not chance meetings of Jeffrey Daumer and his psycho dog.
6 months
Girls will be spayed at 6m.  There are medical and practical reasons for spaying at 6m.  Practically, she's not going to spot blood on your carpets or accidentally get bred if you spay her before her first heat cycle.  Medically her chances of mammary cancer drop significantly if she never comes into season.  
While she is under for the surgery, request an OFA preliminary x-ray.  You want your vet's opinion of the x-ray as well as sending it in so Dr. Greg can look at it -- he reviews all preliminary x-rays so he has seen ALL the Wayeh dogs, and he has vast experience to call on when evaluating Alaskan Malamute puppy x-rays.
Boys will be neutered between 6m and 25m.  There are significant structural advantages to waiting to neuter a boy, neutered early they may become taller and lankier than their intact brothers.  This is why there is an age range for neutering.  However, teenaged Malamute boys are a PAIN and most people don't get passed 10 months before they start seeing unacceptable behavior and schedule a neuter.  DO NOT ALLOW unacceptable behaviors merely to wait on a neuter.  Snip-snip can save your sanity.
Boys also receive an OFA preliminary x-ray.  If the dog is going to be neutered after 24m, than it will be a regular OFA x-ray.
Beginner's Obedience class
You can now compete in AKC obedience and try for the AKC Canine Good Citizenship certification.
You should not be weightpulling any significant weights at this point, but a milk jog makes a good play weight and if you will be weightpulling later, PRACTICE now is crucial
Backpacking should be with empty packs or minor weights over short distances.  WORK up your distance.  Remember if puppy tires out, you get to carry them back to the car.
Harness training for a cart, scooter, or sled can begin after 6m.  You'll want to fit harnesses now because they are not done growing yet, but they need to start practicing wearing, putting on, and taking off the harness -- and going short distances.
On-going intensive socialization.  A dog who is socialized the first year stands out in a crowd.  He is mellow no matter what comes his way.  He is accepting of strangers, human and canine, and he rides well in a car.  You can not fix these things later.  It's now or never.
I require 2 classes, but that does not mean the dog will be perfectly behaved at the end of 2 classes.  In the first year I try to do the following:
Puppy Socialization class
Beginner's Conformation class
Beginner's Obedience class
Beginner's Rally class
Weekly visits to public parks, drive-throughs
Regular vet visits for weights and fecals and a cookie from every vet, tech, and receptionist who can spare 20 seconds
Meet 200 new people in 52 weeks
Visit 24 new places in 12 months
1 year
Vet exam usually includes a heartworm test, annual vaccinations
You can now start beginner's agility training, some harness work on a team, and short backpacking hikes with small weights
2 years
For the purposes of creating a health baseline NOW for use later when the dogs are seniors, you should get a CERF exam (eyes), Thyroid T4, and full panel bloodwork
I don't require vaccinations after the first annual booster.  Your vet will know the local laws.
Neuter the boys that are still intact and get an OFA of their hips.
7 years
Annual senior checkups to include thyroid T4, eyes, full panel bloodwork & exam

For Training purposes:

Obedience  - start @ birth, competition @ 6m (Rally Novice, CGC), jumping after 1y (Rally Advanced)
Sledding/carting/scootering - start @ 6m, running on a team after 1y 
you want the hips to be fully formed before putting a strain on them
Weightpulling - start @ 6m, pulling for real after 18m
Adult height and weight before stressing them with extreme weights
Backpacking - start @ 6m, carrying 10% of their weight starting @ 1y, not carrying the full 30% until they are 3y
You want the shoulder assembly to be completely formed, muscular, and strong before putting 30% of their body weight over the shoulders -- there is no skeletal support in the shoulder like their is in the hip, it is a soft-tissue support system and you want a fully formed adult carrying that much weight over long distances.
Agility - start @ 6m, competition after 18m because this requires a reliable RECALL off leash and it requires the dog to do a lot of practice jumping on a young skeleton.

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