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FAQ - Appointments for Puppy

Before puppy comes home you should already have made several appointments arranged: 

An initial vet visit (within 3 days of arrival) for a wellness check. Usually involves thorough physical examination, weight, & fecal checks. You will schedule the next vet visit around the vaccination schedule.

Puppy socialization class between 3-4 months

Spay @ 6 months / Neuter between 6 months & 24 months

Beginnerís Obedience Class after Puppy socialization & before 12 months

If youíre going to use a groomer Ė a week after the second vaccination shot is a good time to start meeting them. Thatís also a great time to visit pet stores Ė but be careful of contaminated areas like grass outside stores and be very careful not to set up a bad experience for your puppy. Unruly pets and unruly owners like those places as well. PRIVATE Dog parks with rules of admission, requirements for vaccinations, and supervision are great places. PUBLIC dog parks are disasters waiting to happen. Puppy day care is an option, even if you donít do it all the time, a Motherís Day Out is a great idea in a well-run facility with temperament tests at admission and like-sized play groups. 

Have the welcome home party after the pup has been with you for a month. Youíll all appreciate the difference. Ever think about Baby Showers Ė they donít happen as the baby comes home, they happen BEFORE the baby comes home. Puppy welcome home parties should also happen before the puppy comes home. Since thatís no fun, try a month later. 

Your puppy needs to have a QUIET, CALM first few weeks with you, so they can bond with you -- not your uncle or neighbors -- and without unnecessary fuss or excitement.  

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