CH Wayeh's Cherokee Summer CGC WTD "Summer"


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National Jr CH 
Wayeh's Cherokee Faith, CGC, WWPD  

CH Wayeh's Cherokee Brave, CGC, TT, TDI X U-CD Wayeh's I Believe in Hope, CGC, TDI, WPD
10-gen COI 28%, OFA Good, CERF clear, Thyroid normal 2010
Breeder Liz Norris
Owners John & Dorothy Moyers, Wohali
Pictures, Pedigree, Generations

Hope was due to deliver on Saturday.  It was a new moon on Saturday.  I had never delivered a litter and Liz was coming down on Saturday.  So, of course, Hope went into labor on Wednesday.  John & Dorothy were in line for the third pick male -- they have a young female Yanna.  John stopped by to see how mom was doing and.....  the third male was born dead.  John and I tried everything we could think of, but it was no use.  Well...

We both believe that fate has a hand in everything.  What is meant to be will happen, and what is not meant to be will not.  He needed a male to go with his female who was pretty dominant and opinionated.  But all I had was this female, this fuzzy female.  When all of the puppies were placed, I still had this fuzzy female who had an outstanding temperament.  She was laid back and sweet and submissive and never ever caused problems...  So of course she went to live with John and Dorothy and fierce Yonna thinks "Faith" is HER puppy.  Faith is wise enough not to correct the impression.


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CH Wayeh's Cherokee Brave CGC, TT, TDI "Cherokee"
COI 17%
BIS CH Kiwaliks Vykon Indiana Jones CD, TT, S-CD, ROM 
COI 33%
CH Uyak Bison Bobby
CH Kiwaliks Miaces of Nerak, ROM
Wayeh Needa Mist, TT, ROM, OB-ROM "Wayeh"
COI 9%
Tobe's Big Bad John
Morning Mist Wayeh "Misty"
U-CD Wayeh's I Believe In Hope, CGC, TDI, WPD "Hope"
COI 28%
CH J Allen's Yukon Hug-A-Wolf "Yuke"
COI 17%
BIS CH Kiwaliks Vykon Indiana Jones CD, TT, S-CD, ROM 
Wayeh Needa Mist, TT, ROM, OB-ROM "Wayeh"
INT Vet CH Wayeh's Just Before the Dawn CGC "Justice" 
COI 20%
CH Wayeh's Cherokee Brave CGC, TT, TDI "Cherokee"
CH Wayeh's Sassafras Lass "Razzy"


The Next Generations

By CH Tessa's Sir Charles "Charles" on 10/31/02

Wohali's River of Joy "Joy" 
Wohali's Wayeh Tsituisdi
Wohali's Whisper On the Wind
Wohali's Cherokee Snowfall
Wohali's Wind Talker
(AKC puppy major)
Wohali On the Wayeh Wind "Storm" 
Wohali's Spirit Dance

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