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No matter the age, they all have the Where's-the-Couch gene...  When not in harness, the Malamutes' rightful place is on the couch...  Just ask them...

dreamer4.jpg (17105 bytes) justice-hike-8y.jpg (20955 bytes) Yoneh Lovey

Maestro Maestro maestro-couch-4mo-c.jpg (17934 bytes) Sunny Sunny & Maestro Sunny & Maestro maestro-sunny-couch-4mo-c.jpg (21896 bytes) 

Summer singer-tomt-4yo.jpg (15684 bytes) 
sunny-2yo-head-c.jpg (33699 bytes) storm-31mo-b.jpg (26166 bytes) storm-3yo-preg-b.jpg (12745 bytes) storm-3yo-preg.jpg (16413 bytes)