CH Wayeh's Cherokee Summer CGC WTD "Summer"

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Carting & Sledding @ Wayeh

Carting @ Wayeh includes a 2-wheeled scooter (1-2 dogs), a 4-wheeled Sacco cart (1-2 dogs), a 4-wheeled pedal cart (1-2 dogs), and a 3-wheeled Risdon-type rig (2-6 dogs), and for 6+ dogs we use my Toy truck <G>  The titles are Working Team Dog (WTD) and Working Lead Dog (WLD), and can be obtained through either the AMCA or the Canadian HELP League (using the AMCA rules), the HELP league fees go directly and entirely to rescue of homeless Alaskan Malamutes.

We live in the south, so our snows are few and far between and we do a lot more wheels than runners. 

01-00-sledding-echo-leap.jpg (31983 bytes) bess-jazz-harness.jpg (38324 bytes) bess-jazz-pups.jpg (29156 bytes)
bess-singing.jpg (4730 bytes) tom-sing-singing.jpg (18615 bytes) mark-chief.jpg (11700 bytes)
sibe-team-jan03-d.jpg (20342 bytes) tosha-nu.jpg (15974 bytes) 020106-team-wayeh.jpg (47006 bytes)
sled-cher-sum.jpg (36651 bytes) sled-cher-reo-tom.jpg (22627 bytes)
AKC/INT CH Wayeh's Cherokee Summer CGC WTD "Summer"
john-egret.jpg (37012 bytes)
Wayeh's Skygazer WTD NKC-WPT1 WWPD "Egret"
AKC/INT CH Wayeh's Soul Song CGC RN WTD WLD "Singer"
Tom T.
Nat Jr/Nat CH Wayeh's Tom-Tom of SnowSong  CGC RN WTD WLD WWPD "Tom T."
storm-harness-2yo-h.jpg (35279 bytes)
AKC mjr ptd/INT CH Wohali on the Wayeh Wind WTD UWP "Storm"  
AKC mjr ptd/UKC mjr ptd/INT CH Wayeh Singn Follow Me Masasyu CGC WTD UWP "Sunny"
maestro-2yo-bucket-iabca.jpg (15363 bytes)
AKC ptd/UKC mjr ptd/INT CH Wayeh Singn N Howln Masasyu WTD UWP "Maestro"
wayehtennesseetalkn-denali-4y.jpg (40385 bytes)
Wayeh Tennessee Talkin' WTD "Denali"
Wayeh's Parka
Wayeh Aleutian Kamleikas WTD "Parka"
Masasyu's Muddy Waters
WTD "Clay" 

RBIS UKC mjr ptd/INT CH Ksarah's Hope Inditarod WTD UWP "Brady"  
wayehscherokeefaith-d.jpg (18430 bytes)
National Jr CH Wayeh's Cherokee Faith RN CGC WWPD "Faith"
wayehsusetheforceluke-t.jpg (35593 bytes) wayehsusetheforceluke-u.jpg (18202 bytes) 
Wayeh's Use the Force Luke CGC "Luke"
dreamer-iceman-b.jpg (28544 bytes) dreamer-iceman-c.jpg (23538 bytes)
AKC ptd Wayeh's Dreamcatcher CGC "Dreamer"
& Wayeh's Iceman Cometh "Iceman"
wayehsspiritofthesentinal-spirit-e.jpg (16982 bytes)
 INT CH Wayeh's Spirit of the Sentinal "Spirit"
Misc shots carting, scootering, and sacco-ing...

010113-lane.jpg (17615 bytes) 010113-sachs4.jpg (10722 bytes) 010113-sachs-williams-west.jpg (18770 bytes) 010113-williams-sachs.jpg (19910 bytes) 010124-williams2.jpg (27990 bytes) 010124-williams.jpg (31546 bytes) 010214-keegan-tom.jpg (31005 bytes) 010214-team-wayeh.jpg (21743 bytes) 010317-team-wayeh.jpg (27777 bytes) 011017-team-wayeh.jpg (11734 bytes) 011017-team-wayeh-b.jpg (19237 bytes) 011101-team-wayeh-e.jpg (30150 bytes) 011101-team-wayeh-f.jpg (22678 bytes) 011101-team-wayeh-g.jpg (31679 bytes) 011101-team-wayeh-h.jpg (33210 bytes) 011101-team-wayeh-k.jpg (36986 bytes) 011101-team-wayeh-m.jpg (39157 bytes) 011101-team-wayeh-o.jpg (29201 bytes) 011101-tomt.jpg (37416 bytes) 011229-joe.jpg (35880 bytes) 011229-joe-e.jpg (24741 bytes) 020106-team-wayeh-f.jpg (46452 bytes) 020106-team-wayeh-h.jpg (28360 bytes) 020106-team-wayeh-p.jpg (39465 bytes) 020120-egret-b.jpg (29843 bytes) 

2010/11 scootering & carting in East Tennessee - Oak Ridge Greenways

November, December, January training for WTD


7ys Maestro/Sunny (WLD) 2y Bright, 1y Comet & 1y ChaCha (WTD)
5y Seranade (WLD) 2y Wyatt &  1y Chooch (WTD)
5y Yogi & 2y BaRoo, 18m Kiowa 
8y Storm, 2y Pax, 2y Trumpet
5y Clay, 3y Theia  
3y Akai, 4y Honey 
3y Amak, 4y Tori 

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Contact Wayeh    *    423-365-6039    *    Spring City, (East) Tennessee
Wayeh Alaskan Malamutes last updated 11/16/2010

Member Oak Ridge Kennel Club since 1996, member TN Working Dog Association since 2008

Temperament, health, structure, working ability, and then type --
because a good Malamute has to be a good dog first.