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AKC ptd Totem's Mystic Princess 
Cally & Sage (Nikko's parents)Totem's Mystic Princess "Cali"Totem's Mystic Princess "Cali"

A/C CH Sno Shire's Slicker Than Ice WTD "Zak"
Can CH Baylor's Princess Toadstool "Princess"

23", 70lb, gray/white female, OFA Excellent
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Cali started out life loved and cherished as many puppies do.  She is the sister of the celebrated and wonderful CH Titan WTD ROM who among other things was an AOM at the 2003 National Specialty.  She moved from her breeder's home to her first owner's home, then back to the breeder again, then moved again to a retirement home.  But that home didn't work out for her either, and so she was 9.5y, unwanted and homeless.  Her father's owner had previously helped her littermates and offspring into new homes, so hats off to her for that.  But the reasons why these things happen to dogs are always sad and never unique, she is just one of many dogs this happens to.  

Then a group of volunteers, who had never met her and had no ties to her, all stepped forward and went out of their way to transport her across four states in order to get her to a safe place -- thank-you, Becky whose boss said of course you can take time off from work, Connie who was taking care of her ailing mother, Glenda whose grandbaby Ava Grace arrived in the middle of the transport, & Nannette who had a very long day to get her leg of the transport done.

Wayeh took her in because we ARE tied to her, although never having known her before.  She is our Nikko's dam -- Nikko who came to Wayeh as a 4yo after his own not-unique travels.  In addition, Cali's dam and Charles' dam are littermate sisters Princess & Hannah.  Charles was the RWD at the 1998 National Specialty and is the sire of our Storm, Maestro, and Sunny.   

Miss Combat Boots is a lady through and through, when she's not giving the local squirrels a run for their money -- Granny Navy Seal, that's Cali!   She now lives with her son Nikko and gives him what for!  What a phenomenal old gal, but don't tell her I said the old part.

The mother of Nikko, Cali came to Wayeh @ 9.5yo, when her retirement family could no longer keep her.  I sent word out to the Wayeh puppy buyers, and they stepped up to get her all the way from Michigan down to Wayeh.  On the way, she impressed everyone with her dignity and charm.  Nikko has given us so much, and it is a complete joy having her here.  She bosses Brady around when she's not bossing her son around, and they pretty much ignore her, what's an old broad to do?  Well, sit on them, of course!

Happy 14th birthday, Cali.

She turned 14y yesterday, and we celebrated, as we usually celebrate birthdays, with chicken dinners. Because bones are not easy for her anymore, she didn't get the whole raw bone-in skin-on frying hen. She got boiled chicken and rice... and everyone else got raw chicken bones for her birthday.

The old lady is not as spry as she used to be, she's not as quick either, but that didn't prevent her "escape" this morning, when I opened gates to pull the truck out of the driveway. Checked my rearview mirror and there she was toddling down the driveway. I snagged a leash, caught up with her, and she went about 30 more feet and sat down to watch the horses next door. It's a better view apparently. We watched the horses for a while, then she struggled a little to get back up and toddled determinedly back up the driveway. I unlooped the leash when she lead us back inside the gates and she found her favorite spot under the trees to survey her domain.

You go, girl!

Short Pedigree

Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation
A/C CH Sno Shire's Slicker Than Ice WTD "Zak" BISS CH Kasaan's Atanik Vvanilla Ice "Kaz" BIS BISS A/C Storm Kloud's Fortune O Kasaan ROM "Destry"
BISS CH Kasaan's Eloquent Request ROM "Wichita"
A/C CH Sno Shire's Paw Patent Pending ROM WTD "Pazia" A/C CH Sno Ridge Raisin Kane at Byeyo
BISS A/C CH Kasaan's She's a Sno Shire Pist'l WTD WLD "Pippin"
Can CH Baylor's Princess Toadstool "Princess" BIS BISS CH Nanuke's A Rushin Revolution ROM "Lazarus" BIS BISS CH Nanuke's Winter Magic ROM "Nuke"
Northeast's Scarlet Fever
A/C CH Baylor Bateries Not Included "Ready" BIS/BISS A/C Barrenfield King's Excalibur ROM "Cali"
CAN CH Northeast Sky's Angel "Sky"


Cali didn't come to Wayeh until late in her life, but she was already a big part of Wayeh and will continue to be so through her son:

INT CH/AKC ptd Hudson's Notorious Nikko WTD "Nikko"

& her grand kids:

Wayeh Sings to the Rtic Moon CGC RN RA UWP WTD "Seranade"

Wayeh Notorious Cheyenne "Tori-nado"

Wayeh Sings Into the Mystic CGC "Luna" (@ Mystic)

Nat'l/Int'l/Jr CH Wayeh Summer Ice Sleigh Ride CGC TT TDI CD RAE "Ryder" (@ Summer Ice)

& her great-grandkids:

CH Mystic-Wayeh MalsAforethought "Sirius"

AKC mjr ptd Wayeh Rtic Seas "Akai"

Wayeh Wanna Be a Cowboy AWP 2/3 UWP "Wyatt"

Mystic-Wayeh Full Moon Fever "Alice"

Wayeh Moon River Mudflats "Ditty"

& her great-great grandkids:

Mystic-Wayeh Copperhead Road "Kindred"

Wayeh Bearing Sea "Bearing"

Wayeh Kara Sea "Kara"


titan-cali.jpg (126230 bytes) cali-pup.jpg (45436 bytes) cali-puppy-b.jpg (21959 bytes)
Cali (R) with her brother Titan (L)

totemsmysticprincess-cali.jpg (24992 bytes)
Cali as a youngster

cali-9y-b.jpg (183845 bytes)
Cali 9y

Cali 10y

cali-11y-b.jpg (87778 bytes) cali-11y.jpg (136167 bytes)
Cali 11y

cali-12y.jpg (71082 bytes) cali-12y-b.jpg (39217 bytes) cali-12y-c.jpg (37560 bytes)
Cali 12y

cali-13y-9m.jpg (49565 bytes)
Cali 13y

cali-14y.jpg (215916 bytes)
Cali 14y

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