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Billie Stewart, Liz Norris, & Sidney Helen Sachs

Billie Stewart (1933-1999) was a 20-year breeder of Alaskan Malamutes, a long-time rescuer, and an AKC judge.  She was a surrogate mother to Liz and Sidney, her daughters by virtue of dog blood, and she adored her dogs with a whole-hearted and generous spirit. 

Liz Norris met Billie at a dog show, while Liz was competing in obedience with yet another of her CDX Malamutes.  They became instant friends at an exciting time in Wayeh history, the 5-Champion litter was being campaigned. Liz fell hard for a dog named Yuke.  She has owned Malamutes for 20 years and has titled them in obedience, search & rescue, tracking, backpacking, temperament, & conformation.  She teaches obedience, gives behavior modification seminars, and offers private consultations in Frankfort, KY.  

Sidney Helen Sachs got started in sled dogs with a used racing rig and a motley team of un-registered, second-hand, somewhat-obedience-trained Siberian Huskies & Alaskan Malamutes.  Through rescue, she met Billie and a dog that changed everything,  CH Wayeh's Cherokee Brave CGC, TDI, TT. After that, came a Cherokee granddaughter, Summer who would become AKC/IABCA-INT CH Wayeh's Cherokee Summer, CGC, WTD and the dream began: a working housedog and all-around champion -- both AKC championships (conformation & obedience) and all 4 AMCA working dog titles (Working Team Dog, Working Lead Dog, Working Weightpull Dog, & Working Pack Dog).

Billie's death rocked us.  But she had entrusted us with a great honor, care of Wayeh, her past, her present, and her future.

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