Wayeh Notorious Cheyenne "Tori"Wayeh Notorious Cheyenne 
-- Tori's Litters

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2008 COWBOY litter
9th generation Wayeh

Amak & Tori
b. 11/3/08
2F, 3M

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2008 COWBOY Litter 

Wayeh Song Writer "Amak"
X Wayeh Notorious Cheyenne "Tori-nado"
10-gen COI 2.4% - anything under 7% is an outcross

Potential Names

Females (2)
F1 Wayeh Cowgirl Moon "Luna" (Chattanooga, TN)
F2 Wayeh _____ (Soddy Daisy, TN)

Males (3)
M1 Wayeh Wanna Been a Cowboy "Wyatt" (@ Wayeh) 
M2 Wayeh _____ (VT)
M3 Wayeh Cowboy Up "Olly" (MD)

Names will be Wayeh + COWBOY or COWGIRL +

Call names:
Dale Evans
Roy Rogers
Gene Autry

Cowgirl & Cowboy names:
Wayeh Cowboy Take Me Away 
Wayeh Whiskey Drinkin' Cowboy Chasin'
Wayeh Different Kind of Cowboy
Wayeh Cowgirl Dreams "Calamity"
Wayeh Rhinestone Cowboy
Wayeh Shoulda Been a Cowboy
Wayeh Singin Cowgirl "Dale"
Wayeh Singin Cowboy "Autry" 
Wayeh A Cowboy Like You
Wayeh Big Stone Cowboy
Wayeh Broken Down Cowboy
Wayeh Cadillac Cowboy
Wayeh Can't be a cowboy forever
Wayeh Cowboy Band
Wayeh Cowboy Blues
Wayeh Cowboy Boots
Wayeh Cowboy Dreams  
Wayeh Cowboy Hat "Stetson"
Wayeh Cowboy Boots "Justin"
Wayeh Cowboy Jack
Wayeh Cowboy (fill in a name)
Wayeh Cowboy Junkies
Wayeh Cowboy Ride
Wayeh Cowboy Song
Wayeh Cowboy Up
Wayeh Cowboy Waltz
Wayeh Cowboy's Best Friend "Pony"
Wayeh Cowboys Like Us
Wayeh Drugstore Cowboy
Wayeh Electric Cowboy 
Wayeh Four Wheel Cowboy
Wayeh Good Ride Cowboy
Wayeh Last American Cowboy
Wayeh Like a Cowboy
Wayeh Lonesome Cowboy 
Wayeh Midnight Cowboy
Wayeh Modern Day Cowboy
Wayeh Rather Be a Cowboy
Wayeh Space Cowboy
Wayeh Texas Cowboy
Wayeh (fill in state) Cowboy
Wayeh The Cowboy
Wayeh The Cowboys Ride
Wayeh the world could use a cowboy
Wayeh Wanna Be A Cowboy Baby
Wayeh Lonesome Cowboy
Wayeh Jolly Cowboy
Wayeh Poor Lonesome Cowboy
Wayeh Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Wayeh Roving Cowboy
Wayeh Grow Up To Be Cowboys

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