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Sledding, Carting, Pulling, & Packing
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We are, We are not, What kind of dogs, Stern warning, How to join, Our first event, & Pictures

We are...
Dog owners who like to WORK our dogs in the sled dog arts -- sledding, carting, pulling, & packing.   We are dog owners.  We are also breeders, groomers, rescuers, shelter workers, sled builders, zoo keepers, etc.; but at these events, we are dog owners. 

We are not...
Tennessee MUSH is not a club.  We have no officers.  No dues.  No overhead.  No budget.  No entry fees (IWPA sanctioned pulling events will require entry fees because of the sanctioning). We are not sled dogs only.  The dogs don't have to be registered.  Or even purebred.  You don't have to have a lot of experience -- that's what Tennessee MUSH is for!

What kind of dogs...
Our first event illustrates the diversity of dogs participating.  All breeds are welcome.  Mixed breeds are welcome.  Good Sportsmanship on the dogs' part and their owner's part is the only requirement.

Stern warning...
Before you expect your dog to run many miles on a fast team, you'll need to do some basic equipment familiarization ahead of time and get the dog in SHAPE.  But lunch breaks at these events are great opportunities for training.  Training at home is easy and doesn't require a lot of money or equipment or dogs.  You basically need a properly fitting harness, a tire, and some rope.  Tennessee MUSHers will be happy to help out -- just ask.

How to join..
Show up.  <G>  Contact sleddog@gte.net or 423-365-6039 for directions or details -- but basically bring your dog and have a good time -- that's the whole point.

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