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Owner Surrenders

If you can't keep your Alaskan Malamute, you have several options.

Return the dog to its breeder. Any responsible breeder would jump at the chance of taking their dog back. Also there are people who will adopt a dog based on its pedigree alone. So the breeder can help find those people.

Place the dog yourself. Take a cute picture of your dog's face.  If he's a housedog, take it inside on the couch.  Put this on a flyer and get that flyer out to a dozen places every week.  Go back and put flyers up again because people take them down.  Go to pet stores, training clubs, vet offices, boarding kennels, grooming shops,  etc.  You want to target people who are already spending money on their current dogs.   And you want to target local people.  Make sure the dog is already spayed/neutered.  This will prevent puppymillers from lying to get the dog, and generally the dogfighters won't want the dog either. We also advise you to ask a nominal adoption fee (that can go to a local shelter or rescue) so the animal researchers don't get hold of them -- they only want free dogs. You will do all the screening, house the dogs until adoption, and you will have to take the dog back if the adoption doesn't work out.

Local Animal Shelters. There are very few no-kill shelters in Tennessee.  The ones that are here are normally full because they don't make room except by adoptions.  But regular shelters get a lot more foot-traffic than ANY rescue. And many of them have vets on staff to help with medical care.  There is usually a nominal fee to surrender your dog to a shelter.

Owner surrender. The owner will have to deliver the dog to TNAMR in Spring City and THEN a temperament test will be administered.   If the dog passes the temperament test, then rescue will accept the dog, house it no matter how long it takes, screen all adopters, do homechecks, vet reference checks, take the dog to adoption events, and do crate training, leash training, and obedience training as needed. We screen all adopters and support all dogs once they are in their new homes.  If the new owner has training issues they can call or come by and we will provide help.  However, if the dog has an aggression problem, please say so up front. Any dog that seriously injures another dog, or injures any human no matter the circumstances, will be put down. 

To accept any dog in rescue, TNAMR requires:

  1. Temperament Test & Surrender Form
  2. Negative heartworm test within 30 days, & all medical records & paperwork
  3. $200 surrender fee to cover boarding, advertising, and any medical needed
If an owner wants rescue to take their dog, the owner is going to pay the dog's expenses while in rescue.  Fair is fair.  Owners CAN place their dogs themselves, see notes above.


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Rescue is the duty of all breeders.
Rescue does not mean taking your own dogs back, but sheltering someone else's dog.
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