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Fundraiser for Rescue - Monster Tugs

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Monster Fleece tugs use a yard of fleece, braided with three strands or four, knotted in the middle and braided, or knotted at the end and braided. 

1-2 Monster tugs $5, ea, plus $5 shipping 

3-4 Monster tugs $5 ea, plus $10 shipping

5+ Monster tugs $5 ea, email for shipping

Mini Monster Fleece tugs are for toy breeds and can be made to your specifications, just send total length and width required, for instance 6" long, 1/2" wide.

3 mini Monster tugs $5/3, plus $5 shipping

Contact Sleddog@Pobox.com to place and order


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Rescue is the duty of all breeders.
Rescue does not mean taking your own dogs back, but sheltering someone else's dog.
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