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CGC RN WTD UWP -- Sunny's litters
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2009 DANCE litter

dam: Sunny
sire: Smoky
born: 10/22/09
go-home: 12/17/09
females: 4
males: 3

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10-gen COI 3%, COR,
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9th Wayeh Generation 

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2008 "STAR" Litter, Yogi X Sunny
born 5/7, go-home 7/3 - 5 females, 1 male

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Artic Luv's Dancin' Bearfoot "Yogi"
X AKC mjr ptd/INT CH Wayeh Singn Follow Me Masasyu
CGC WTD  "Sunny"

Names (Theme = Wayeh + Star +)

Females (5)
F1 Wayeh Star Dance ?? 
F2 Wayeh Starry Starry Night ?? 
F3 Wayeh Written in the Stars "Stella" (RI to live with brother Sonny)
F4 Wayeh Star Bright "Bright" (Staying @ Wayeh)
F5 Wayeh Pacific Evening Star "Theia" (CA to live with brother Neikko)
Male (1)
M1 Wayeh Star Tripper ?? (CA) 
M2 Wayeh 
M3 Wayeh 

Some possible names for this litter will include 

Wayeh Wish Upon a Star

Wayeh A Star is Born "Judy"

Wayeh Artic Star

Wayeh Battle Star

Wayeh Bear Star

Wayeh Big Star

Wayeh Bright Star "Blake"

Wayeh Casseopia (Cassy)

Wayeh Dancing in the Stars

Wayeh Dancing Lights (Aurora)

Wayeh Death Star

Wayeh Draco (Dragonheart, Eragon, Saphira)

Wayeh Fallen Star "Marilyn" "Heath"

Wayeh Falling Star

Wayeh Flaming Star

Wayeh Hunter of the Night (Orion)

Wayeh Hyperion "Sol" "Keats"

Wayeh Lion Star "Leo"

Wayeh Lodestar "Milton" (Milton's Paradise Lost--The Golden Compass)

Wayeh Lone Star "Tex"

Wayeh Morning Star

Wayeh New Star

Wayeh Night Archer (Sag short for Sagittarius)

Wayeh Night Guardian (Sirius)

Wayeh North Star "Polaris"

Wayeh Pole Star "North"

Wayeh Pop Star

Wayeh Reaching for the Stars (Gemini, Apollo, Mercury, Challenger,

Wayeh Rock Star

Wayeh Seeing Stars

Wayeh Seeing Stars "Twink(le)

Wayeh Shining Star

Wayeh Shooting Star

Wayeh Sol Invictus "Mithra"

Wayeh Southern Cross (Crucis, Acrux)

Wayeh Southern Star

Wayeh Star Gazing (Gazer)

Wayeh Star God "Osiris"

Wayeh Star Guitar

Wayeh Star of Hope 

Wayeh Star of the Sea "Stella"

Wayeh Star Rider

Wayeh Star Signs

Wayeh Star Spangled Banner "Banner"

Wayeh Star Struck

Wayeh Star Studded "Opal"

Wayeh Star Traveler

Wayeh Star Tripper

Wayeh Starchamber

Wayeh Stardust

Wayeh Starfleet Commander

Wayeh StarFyre "Flame"

Wayeh Starring Me

Wayeh Starry Starry Night (Vincent, )

Wayeh Stars and Stripes

Wayeh Stars on Fire

Wayeh Stars on Ice 

Wayeh Starshine

Wayeh Starstruck

Wayeh Startled Bear <g>

Wayeh Superstar

Wayeh Sword of Stars (Orion)

Wayeh Trek Through the Stars (Picard, Ryker, Kirk, Admiral)

Wayeh Twilight Zone (Twilla)

Wayeh Twin Star "Gemini"

Wayeh Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Wayeh Western Star

Wayeh What's Your Sign? "Astro" "Astra"



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