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Nat'l/Int'l WSCH-B 
Wayeh's Last SnoFall of Summer Ice

CH Snow Song's Night Rider CGC TT TDI WPD
X AKC/INT CH Wayeh's Cherokee Summer CGC WTD
2002 Alaskan Malamute Club of America Flaming Flirt in Obedience

Alaskan Seal/White, 98 lbs, 26" male
10-gen COI <1%, OFA AM-10829F35M-PI, CERF AM-1800, ChD, & Thyroid Normal

Planned Breeding

A Fall 2007 linebreeding with

 AKC mjr ptd/INT CH Wohali on the Wayeh Wind WTD WWPD

Wayeh welcomes your inquiries.

Since he lives in Florida, he doesn't have many opportunities to work in harness, but he really shines in obedience.  

Snowman is the world's first Rally-titled Alaskan Malamute, and at all levels -- Rally-Novice, Rally-Advanced, Rally-Masters,  and Rally-200 for a perfect 200 score.  He is the first dog in the world of any breed in any kennel club to earn his R-CH.  He has CD's in 3 kennel clubs (AKC, UKC, and WWKC), CDXs in two kennel clubs so far,  was the 2003 AMCA Flaming Flirt in Obedience (for opposite sex with the highest obedience scores after the top scorer that year), and already has his first agility title AGI-A August 2005 and his AKC Rally Novice.

For all the titles and accomplishments, the Snow-puppy is still our big baby who sleeps on the couch (his own) and tells Mittens that it is time to eat.

Snow was named in honor of Billie Stewart, founder of Wayeh kennels, who we sent across the Rainbow Bridge with a fond farewell and a late season snowfall.  And with his white spot between his shoulder blades -- as if hit with a snowball -- we know he was marked before he was even born.

My Life in Pictures

Life is grand in Florida

My personal indoor pool... 

No one said I had to get WET!

I got to live with Leyah...

I "have" to live with Mittens.

And my favorite bowl of ice -- I am a sled dog, after all. Ice is my friend.

Sometimes I get gussied up and go out with mom.

Sometimes I get ribbons for trotting around a ring -- how hard is THAT?

But the best thing in the WORLD is when we get to go......


Rally is the best!

It's silly sometimes, but I still like it.
Rally Masters
Rally Masters title 
(World's first Alaskan Malamute to earn the RM, any kennel club)

And it's hard work!  She gets the ribbon and I get a nap!

AMCA Newsletter
2003 Alaskan Malamute Annual
2003 Alaskan Malamute Annual -- 
REALLY big picture

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