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Train, Don't Complain!

SummerIce Alaskan Malamutes didn't start as a kennel, it started as a series of obedience dogs who taught me more about training than I ever taught them. And what a humbling experience.  

FLASH! Snowman is the World's First Rally-Obedience titled Alaskan Malamute - Rally-Novice, R-Advanced, R-Masters, and a member of the elite "200" group.

FLASH! Snowman is the World's First Rally Obedience Trial Champion, any breed, any kennel club anywhere on the planet.  WW-RCh Snowman!

It all began in 1972 with Czar. Then Jimmy Beau Dugan.  Who lead to Wayeh kennels and a lasting friendship with Billie Stewart.  Next was the "wolf daughter of the bear," Yoneh.  And the "wolf running in a new direction," Leyah.

And then came along the irrepressible Snowman.  And the unbroken trails he has lead me down with such confidence.

First in the world and first in my heart.

Lynne Nappi
5735 Braveheart Way, Tallahassee, Florida 32317

 AMCA since 1996 (reinstated)
Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg (reinstated 1998)
Tallahassee Dog Training Club
Canopy Roads Crew, Tallahassee

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