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On 11/27/12 my worst nightmare happened.  We woke to fire alarms, the basement was fully engulfed, we lost the house and all of its contents.  We lost everything in the basement as well as 7 adult dogs and 12 infant 4-week-old puppies.

The two horses Rio and Joy survived the initial fire, and thank-you to the volunteer fireman who stayed in the barn with them to make sure they were calm and safe.  However, Joy colicked and died 3 days later from the stress of the whole thing.

horse2.jpg (17289 bytes)

 The dogs who were outside for the night, frolicking in their Malamute snow games, thankfully survived although they were naturally terrified.  Four dogs inside survived, including Hannah the helpful housedog, Vivi, Elf and Salem who was dragged out of the basement burning, survived, although months later are still recovering mentally and Salem's burn treatments are ongoing.   -- except by a miracle for Salem who was dragged out of the basement by Bristol Volunteer fire fighters with her muzzle on fire and unconscious.  She was saved by a make-shift adaptation of a human oxygen mask and the heroic efforts of Bob Green, Bristol town supervisor and volunteer fire fighter

Lost that terrible night, were 8 housecats upstairs and the following dogs:

trouble-22m.jpg (32740 bytes)
RIP Trouble

RIP Havoc

A/C CH N'Point Wild Masasyu Child CGC "Havoc" (#7 bitch Canada 2005, Millie's niece)


panic.11.jpg (17439 bytes)
RIP Panic

Masasyu's Panic Attack "Panic" 


elim-head-1y.jpg (35510 bytes)
RIP Elim
RIP Dutch
Dotty & her 5 puppies

Masasyu A League of Her Own

brooke-4m.jpg (45727 bytes)
RIP Brooke
Brooke & her 7 pics

Wayeh Masasyu Mud Creek

The fire inspector determined that a faulty power strip was the cause of the devastation.  So PLEASE, if your power strips are over 6-months-old, throw them out, get new ones.

Masks for Mutts

text here


In the middle of the nightmare, people stepped up.  People from all over the world donated money, dogfood, dog supplies, clothes, household goods, time, emotional support as well as hands-on help.  And they still are.

(list  here)

The Rebuild

We were in a hotel..

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Lori Hicks * 585-394-3603 * * Canandaigua, NY


member: AMCA since 1998 
Kanadasaga Kennel Club (AKC all breed) since 1998
Bristol Valley Training Club (UKC all breed) since 2005
Dog Obedience Training Club of Rochester, NY (AKC all breed) since 2010
International Weight Pull Association (IWPA) since 2010

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