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Past Puppies

kaskae.jpg (38292 bytes) kaskae-b.jpg (69189 bytes) kaskae-c.jpg (70701 bytes)

Hey Lori,
Just wanted to say hello and send you some pictures of Kaskae here in Europe. He has been globe trotting with us a bit and he seems to be enjoying his travels. He has really taken to the water and loves swimming whenever he gets the chance as you can see from one of his pictures. That picture with him in the water was when we went to the Pont du Gard in Nimes, France where they have the ancient roman aquaduct. Anyway, he is doing really well and we wanted you to have some pictures of our not so little Jimmy Doolittle. We are still considering the possibility of a little sister or brother for him and we were wondering what the options you have for us are...anything available or possibly on the way? Hope everything with you is well and we look forward to hearing from you again soon. Take care and God bless. :)
Kelly and Teri P.
Virnsberg, Germany

lhotse-fret.jpg (50893 bytes) lhotse.jpg (34555 bytes) lhotse-b.jpg (54637 bytes)
Super Lhotse!

Hi Lori,
Thought you'd enjoy this picture of Lhotse. She let's Fret chase her around the yard (plays well with others?), and Claire snapped this pic as she jumped over some bushes with Fret in hot pursuit. She's a great dog!
Ian & Claire
New York

paki-fly.jpg (37540 bytes) paki-fly-b.jpg (22603 bytes) paki-fly-c.jpg (27823 bytes) paki-fly-d.jpg (31839 bytes) fly-paki.jpg (26970 bytes) fly.jpg (21084 bytes) fly-b.jpg (51533 bytes)
Paki (Sleddog Rescue) & Flyboy

Hi, Folks!

Flyboy is as big (or bigger) than Paki now and they are still trying to determine who is the boss (besides me<grin>). Mostly the "discussion" occurs over who gets the most pets or the first hug....and, of course, who's bone is who's.....Flyboy is very good at distracting Paki with an invitation to play --- and then makes an end run and steals her bone.....although, I sometimes think she allows him to THINK he outsmarted her, when she really doesn't much want the bone anyway. He is still very much the 2 year old - she just turned 4 and has grown into a very self-possessed girl. They actually get along very well - and when Paki has had enough of his 2 yr old nonsense she just snarls and he backs off. Hope you like the photos!!

Lynne, Paki and Flyboy
New York

luke.jpg (69741 bytes) luke-b.jpg (46551 bytes) lilly.jpg (64955 bytes) lilly-b.jpg (61450 bytes) luke-lilly.jpg (67548 bytes) luke-lilly-b.jpg (25397 bytes) luke-lilly-c.jpg (54506 bytes) luke-lilly-d.jpg (54825 bytes) luke-lilly-e.jpg (47693 bytes) luke-lilly-f.jpg (26092 bytes)
Luke & Lilly

Jeff in PA



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