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Kotzebue Dogs

The original Alaskan Malamutes, before the stud books were reopened, were the Kotzebue.

Yukon Jad (1927-

CH Gripp of Yukon (1929-

Antarctica Taku's Milt  (grandsire of Pandora of Kotzebue b. 1937)

Rowdy of Nome (sired litter in 1933)

Pandora of Kotzebue (1937-

Navarre of Kotzebue (1937-     

Kim of Kotzebue (1941-

Cookie of Bras Coupe (1946-

CH Toro of Bras Coupe ROM (1946-

CH Chinook Kotzebue Akela (1950-

CH Chinook Kotzebue Gripp (1950-

CH Kelerak of Kobuk (1951-

CH Keowuk of Kobuk (1951-

CH Balch's Ingrid of Brenmar (1963-

CH Kotzebue Bering of Chinook (1963-

CH Inuit's Nikolai of Colcord (1969-

A/C CH Kotzebue Kanuck of Chinook (1971-

CH Kotzebue Carillon of Chinook (1973-

CH Kotzebue Rowdy of Chinook (1973-

A/C CH Kotzebue Taku of Chinook #2 (1978-

A/C CH Frostfield Kotzebue Kobuk (1980-

Frostfield Kotzebue Konrad (1983-

Jireh Kotzebue Kamishak "Mishak" b.1996

M'Loot Dogs

Silver King (sired litter in 1943)

Gentleman Jim (sired litter in 1944)

CAN CH Lorn-Hall's Oogerook M'Loot (1945-

Mikiuk (sired litter in 1946)

Tora  (whelped litter in 1946)

Chitina #1 ?? (1946-

CH King M'Loot (1946-

CH Mulpus Brooks Master Otter (1946-

CH Ooloo M'Loot (1946-

CH Tuyah of Silver Sled (1946-

CH Husky-Pak's Mikya of Seguin (1947-

CH Gyana (Seal) (1947-

CH Moosecat M'Loot  (sired litter in 1947)

CH Nahnook II ROM

CH Prairie Lash (1947-

Shawnee Belle (1947-

CH Baloo (1950-

CH Knik of Ro-Ala-Ken b.1961 -- one of the last pure M'Loot dogs

Blending the 3

CH Spawn's Alaska b.1946, whose dam Kiska #1 was 3rd strain, his sire Koyuk was M'Loot

CH Spawn's Chee-Chee b.1950, whose sire Polar was M'Loot and dam Arrow of Husky-Pak was M'Loot and Hinman Strain

CH Mulpus Brooks the Bear b.1952, mostly M'Loot with a little Third Strain through his dam's sire Chisholm's Viking.

Kobuk's Dark Beauty ROM b.1953, mostly M'Loot with a little Third Strain through Chisholm's Viking.

The Husky-Pak Dogs were a blend of all three lines -- Spawn's Alaska (M'Loot & Third Strain) & M'Loot (Chitina #1) and Kotzebue (Toro of Bras Coupe)

CH Dorry's Sitka of Northwind ROM OB-ROM b.1959, whose sire was Kotzebue and dam was M'Loot

Predominantly M'Loot but with Third Strain & Kotzebue through Husky-Pak

CH Wakon's Arctic Bear du Nordkyn b.1961

Ro-Ala-Ken's Tumuk of Knik b.1966

CH Wakon's Wakon of Totempole "Bear" b.1974

Predominantly Kotzebue but with Third Strain & M'Loot through Husky-Pak

CH Inuit's Mehitabel "Mimsy" b.1965

CH Tigara's Whip of Artica "Whip" b.1965 

A/C CH Inuit's Sweet Lucifer ROM OB-ROM b.1970

CH Tigara's Nordisch Kotze Tu ROM "Kotze" b.1973

CH Sendaishi's Kandu Can Do ROM b.1978


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