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The Dogs of the  2000s

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buffalobillinditarod.jpg (20706 bytes) buffalobillinditarod-b.jpg (11848 bytes) buffalobillinditarod-c.jpg (11830 bytes)
Multi CH Buffalo Bill Inditarod "Smoky" (2000-
bradpittdellagodegliorso.jpg (45449 bytes) bradpitt-brady-weightpull.jpg (52855 bytes) bradpittdellagodegliorso-b.jpg (21211 bytes)
Multi CH Brad Pitt del Lago degli Orsi "Brady" (2001-
uyakkoyakkip.jpg (55718 bytes) uyakkoyakkip-b.jpg (64996 bytes) uyakkoyakkip-c.jpg (75643 bytes)
Uyak Koyuk Kip
greatspiritinditarod.jpg (62721 bytes)
Multi CH Great Spirit Inditarod (2003-
CH Black Ice's High Voltage "Charger"

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