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How NOT to build a kennel, Materials List, Site Selection, Site Preparation, Getting Started - Build a corner, Gravel, Lay the block, Finish the square - more corners, Clean the kennel, Set up kennel panels & shade/roof, Furnish the puppy kennel

Finish the Square - more corners

Corners are a pill.  You can make them pretty as well as functional.  We didn't saw the lumber to length.  And we cobbled one of the metal corner braces and straightened it back out -- do what you have to.  The "kennel police" are not allowed to inspect our dog kennels and if it works... it works.

We did turn the last row of block sideways to accommodate the length of kennel we wanted...  And we went back and raked gravel up against the 2x4s to get the drainage ditch away from the kennel itself.


Here's another corner, built as we came to it.  The metal brace is in the L on the outside of the 2x4s but hard to see with the shadow.  Note the block is ABOVE the top of the 2x4 barely, but still above.  That's all that counts with drainage.

And this is the last corner.  The only block that had to be custom cut -- and we will go BACK and get a solid so we can shave off the exact size we need.  This is temporary until we get to that detail.  We'll dig this out, pull the 2x4s together and fit the custom block.  Meanwhile we filled in the hole with a broken block and gravel.

Also note how the 2x4s were partially buried back with excess gravel in a short ramp against all sides -- this makes the whole kennel and floor sit UP from the water paths around it.

Clean the Kennel...

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