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Wayeh Kennels Through the Years

I started with trolley runs -- a disaster because the dogs weren't protected against strays, thieves, or neighbor kids.  And when they got off the trolley they were FREE.

Then I fenced in with 4' wire -- an improvement, except for the dogs who went OVER the 4' wire, so then added 6' wire. But hadn't fenced AROUND the house and had to leash walk the dogs in and out.  That ended soon and I started the first "yard" off the back door... Since then the house is surrounded except the driveway. But we were still on DIRT for many years, and then gravel -- which becomes mud -- and it was all basically just a backyard.  There aren't a lot of pictures until 1995 when I built my first actual kennels... 

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(the fire)
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2010 (Storm Damage)
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Kennel To-Do List (May 2012)

The bigger goals are:

  1. Upgrade kennel panel wire to 9g (300 feet @ $250/50# = $1500)
  2. Upgrade gate panels to 9g (8ea @ $200 ea = $1600)
  3. Repair broken/shifted concrete block
  4. Repair retaining walls
  5. Rebuild Puppy Kennels from scratch

Puppy Kennels on North side of house - 1ea 10'x20', 1ea 8'x20'

Grade slope so water runs AWAY from the house (Completed & THANK-YOU Connie & Mike! 3/12) 
PT lumber to frame kennel
Paint/Sealer for wood wall and concrete wall
Gravel to fill in slope inside PT lumber
Block for kennel floor and walkway
2ea 9g gate panels ($200 ea)
100' of 9g chainlink mesh to repair/replace 11g & 12g mesh ($250/50#)
Build 8'x20' kennel on 9'x22' pad
Lay block for walkway 
Pull up block on existing puppy kennel, REPAIR so water runs off

Uphill Kennels on South side of house - 6ea 10'x20'

Pull up broken/shifted block and replace
Build 18" retaining wall on east side of pad
6ea 9g gate panels ($200 ea)
160' of 9g chainlink mesh to repair/replace 11g & 12g mesh ($250/50#)

Downhill Kennels on South side of house - 4ea 10'x20'

Pull up broken/shifted block and replace
Repair 4' retaining wall east side of kennels
Repair 4" retaining wall west side of kennels
Gravel to add to walkway above and beside kennels
40' of 9g chainlink mesh to repair/replace 11g & 12g mesh ($250/50#)

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