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2011 October Work Party

Denver & Cheyenne's owners Mary & Quintin organized a work party in October to clean up the driveway & remove the burn-pile, to block the last three kennels and walkway in front of the kennels, repair kennel panels, and fix the stairs on the south side of the house.  We got it all done, 15 people in 17 hours, 1200? block, 25? tons of gravel, and a lot of sweat equity! 

Before 3 of 6 Kennels Uphill side of house (gravel to concrete block)
kennels-2011-uphill-b4-d.jpg (208991 bytes)
kennels-oct2011-af.jpg (280844 bytes) kennels-oct2011-m.jpg (297310 bytes)
(Area on left is 20'x30' and will be blocked and divided into 10'x20' kennels)

Before Walkway in front of all 6 kennels (gravel to concrete block)
kennels-2011-uphill-b4-b.jpg (67968 bytes) kennels-oct2011-x.jpg (302124 bytes) 

Re-building Steps
kennels-oct2011-h.jpg (133260 bytes) kennels-oct2011-u.jpg (233799 bytes) kennels-oct2011-o.jpg (172738 bytes) kennels-oct2011-w.jpg (263224 bytes) 

Meanwhile, 9 dogs were bathed 
kennels-oct2011-ag.jpg (206146 bytes) tnamr-harmony-head.jpg (171119 bytes) kennels-oct2011-v.jpg (195191 bytes)

13y Queen Cali oversees all the work in her kingdom...
cali-13y-9m.jpg (195015 bytes)

Repairing Kennel Panels
kennels-oct2011.jpg (146177 bytes) kennels-oct2011-s.jpg (305730 bytes) kennels-oct2011-ab.jpg (249343 bytes) kennels-oct2011-b.jpg (140263 bytes)  

Hauling gravel from the pile to the kennels...
2011-driveway-c.jpg (254898 bytes)
kennels-oct2011-ac.jpg (273582 bytes) kennels-oct2011-z.jpg (141736 bytes)

Laying Block 
kennels-oct2011-p.jpg (268969 bytes) kennels-oct2011-k.jpg (267835 bytes) kennels-oct2011-q.jpg (292963 bytes) kennels-oct2011-n.jpg (220291 bytes)  kennels-oct2011-aa.jpg (285400 bytes) kennels-oct2011-ad.jpg (248116 bytes) kennels-oct2011-f.jpg (145058 bytes) kennels-oct2011-ak.jpg (249964 bytes) kennels-oct2011-g.jpg (124884 bytes) kennels-oct2011-ah.jpg (309916 bytes)

One last run for 128 block...
kennels-oct2011-ae.jpg (176978 bytes)

Setting Kennels back up
kennels-oct2011-y.jpg (231269 bytes)

kennels-oct2011-m.jpg (297310 bytes) kennels-oct2011-t.jpg (293011 bytes) kennels-oct2011-e.jpg (143625 bytes)

Thank-you, Quintin & Mary McKissick, _____ 

 And thanks to Steve Muntz (Basa & Gracie's dad) for coming down from Chicago to help me with the final touches -- landscape timbers around the edge, drilled through, and rebar pounded through to secure the block in position.  And getting the roof/greenhouse mesh up over all 6 kennels...  Thanks Susan & David for bringing the last of the gravel up to the edges of the landscape timbers so there's no big step-off (for me to fall over).



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