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Storm Damage 2010

snow-feb2010.jpg (89555 bytes)
East Tennessee January 29, 2010
Gorgeous -- Big fat wet flakes of snow, 3-4 inches before morning.... but it turned to freezing rain before daybreak and ice is heavier still and the kennel covers were not built to support that kind of load.

Before the collapse (in '07 & '08)

A week later the last of the snow melted off and we could assess damage...
and it's disheartening.

kennels-2010-02-h.jpg (53493 bytes) kennels-2010-02-k.jpg (119177 bytes)
The Back Yard Kennels

kennels-2010-02.jpg (73313 bytes) kennels-2010-02-b.jpg (99205 bytes) kennels-2010-02-c.jpg (65818 bytes)
The Backyard kennels - east

kennels-2010-02-g.jpg (107048 bytes)  kennels-2010-02-m.jpg (104123 bytes)
The Backyard kennels - south

 kennels-2010-02-d.jpg (74388 bytes) kennels-2010-02-e.jpg (99852 bytes) kennels-2010-02-f.jpg (98070 bytes) 
The Side Yard kennels - west

kennels-2010-02-n.jpg (98146 bytes)
The Driveway isolation kennel - north

kennels-2010-02-o.jpg (98591 bytes) kennels-2010-02-p.jpg (85665 bytes) kennels-2010-02-q.jpg (40560 bytes) 
Big tree down over the fence corner -- creamed a dogloo

kennels-2010-02-s.jpg (55099 bytes) kennels-2010-02-t.jpg (56283 bytes) kennels-2010-02-u.jpg (49831 bytes) 
4'x8' resting platform 
(Need to convert to 4x4 doghouse)

It's already obvious everything can't be fixed -- the costs are too prohibitive - but we have to repair gates, fences & doghouses and we have to have shade by summer.

More Snow Valentine's Day 2010

Thursday & Saturday we got the damaged shade cloth and damaged roof supports down -- thank goodness, because we got 2 more inches on Valentines Day, and we had light snow most of the day after that.  The dogs had fun romping around and I took the pups over the agility A-frame, because it has TRACTION with iced-over snow <LOL>

kennels-2010-2-15-h.jpg (111840 bytes) kennels-2010-2-15-k.jpg (91682 bytes)
West Kennels
kennels-2010-2-15-f.jpg (94373 bytes)
Behind the house
 kennels-2010-2-15-b.jpg (100851 bytes) kennels-2010-2-15-g.jpg (132803 bytes)
South Kennels
kennels-2010-2-15-d.jpg (127521 bytes)
North Kennels (to be removed)
kennels-2010-2-15.jpg (113209 bytes) kennels-2010-2-15-c.jpg (101187 bytes)  kennels-2010-2-15-e.jpg (145998 bytes)
Agility Play Yard behind the house between south and north kennels

Next..... To-Do Lists...


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