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Pictures of Wayeh Kennels through the years

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1995, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010

I first started with trolley runs -- a disaster because the dogs weren't protected against strays, thieves, or neighbor kids.  And when they got off the trolley they were FREE..

Then I fenced in with 4' wire -- an improvement, except for the dogs who went OVER the 4' wire, so then 6' wire.  But we were still on DIRT, and it was basically just a backyard.  There aren't a lot of pictures until 1995.

1995 Behind the house (East)
1999 Beside the house (South)
2002 Fire in the Kennels
2004 Front Side yard of the house (West)
2005 Isolation/Puppy Kennel 
2006+ Deconstruction and rebuild (East & South)
2010 Snowmagedan 

1995 East of the house

kennels-2-00.jpg (35955 bytes) kennels-2-00-b.jpg (37947 bytes) echo-kennel.jpg (30793 bytes) kens4kennel.jpg (37991 bytes)

I dumped gravel, wheel barrowed it to the sloping area behind the house, smoothed it very roughly, and laid the blocks on top of the gravel.  The kennels were 6'x6'x20'.  This got the dogs off dirt (mostly) provided shade, and separated them when the girls came into season.  But the block (and kennels) eased downhill towards the house over the years.  Also all the runoff water from kennel cleaning went straight for my basement and any mess in the kennels ended up in the walkway on the downhill side of the kennel.  I tore these down when I bulldozed the backyard in 2006.

1999 South of the house

pre-kennel.jpg (63112 bytes) kennels-dirt.jpg (38645 bytes) kennels-thunder.jpg (28297 bytes) kennels-3.jpg (21832 bytes) kennels-shawna-emma.jpg (20449 bytes) kennel2.jpg (35985 bytes) 

In 1999, I built 4 ea 5'x8'x40' kennels with permanent wire fences, gravel, and still on a slope.  I terraced each 10' with a crosstie or landscape timber to help hold gravel uphill.  Gates were still on the downhill side of each kennel run.  This really helped provide much needed space.  Put them under the pine trees to help with summer temperatures.  But the gravel needs to be replaced constantly so it was still muddy.  And each time we added gravel, the fences got shorter.

Then we added shade across the top of the kennel runs:
kennel1.jpg (35348 bytes)
kennel4.jpg (29103 bytes) rescue-kennels-020419-b.jpg (208215 bytes) rescue-kennels-020419-c.jpg (116645 bytes) rescue-kennels-020419-d.jpg (119889 bytes) rescue-kennels-020419-f.jpg (174107 bytes)

2002 The Fire

When the brush fire hit straw and cedar shavings and 60 years of pine needles, the flames went 20' high.  Thanks to volunteer fire fighters the house was saved, but we had some major work to fix charred wire and kennels and tarps. 

fire-g.jpg (23049 bytes)

So we needed to remove the dirt and the absorbent materials that were also flammable.  We put block in the kennels... we had added a LOT of gravel over the years and the block was 4" thick and top of more gravel, so the fences (permanently in the ground) were now sometimes only 4' tall in places.

kennels-gravel.jpg (27534 bytes) kennels-block.jpg (21175 bytes) kennels-old-2004.jpg (40198 bytes) kennels-old-2004-b.jpg (31331 bytes) oldkennels-082004-b.jpg (224461 bytes) oldkennels-082004.jpg (309065 bytes) 

Snow Feb 2003:
kennels-back-snow.jpg (30460 bytes) kennels-snow-feb03.jpg (58070 bytes)

2004 - West Side of House (Side yard)

So I needed to solve some problems we had in the Beside the house kennels:

Gates on downhill side of kennel runs, so mess was washed into the walkway
Permanent wire in ground left gaps in the block for hair and mess to collect
Permanent wire was not tall enough after gravel was added
Extreme slope of ground meant kennels were very slick when wet

Here is the side yard before we started:
kens-crew-0010-b.jpg (21132 bytes) kennel3.jpg (36035 bytes) 

Then the bulldozers came:
kennel2003-a.jpg (34288 bytes) kennel2003-b.jpg (45122 bytes)

We build a retaining wall:
kennel-wall.jpg (28218 bytes) kennel-wall-b.jpg (29794 bytes) retainingwall-040826.jpg (76264 bytes) retainingwall-040826-b.jpg (104352 bytes) retainingwall-082004.jpg (326543 bytes)

The airlock/sally port we set up as the main entrance:
kennelentrance-04082b.jpg (61002 bytes) kennelentrance-040826.jpg (41782 bytes) 

And we almost immediately ran into problems with the chainlink gates....
kennelgate2-080426-c.jpg (40172 bytes) kennelgate2-080426-b.jpg (32672 bytes) kennelgate2-080426.jpg (37045 bytes)

So after investigation, we found PLATINUM series (Malamutes shred everything else, we know!)
kennels-2005-05.jpg (263291 bytes) kennels-2005-05-b.jpg (337244 bytes) kennels-2005-05-c.jpg (210560 bytes) kennels-2005-05-d.jpg (303166 bytes) kennels-2005-05-e.jpg (112680 bytes) 

Building the kennels with dogs already in residence is a problem, but we had it to do...
kennels-04-09-21.jpg (74105 bytes)   kennels-0804.jpg (264958 bytes) kennels-2005-05-f.jpg (199060 bytes) kennels-040826-b.jpg (39319 bytes) kennels-040826-c.jpg (50521 bytes) kennels-040826-d.jpg (43291 bytes) kennels-040826-e.jpg (57629 bytes) kennels-040826-f.jpg (52220 bytes) kennels-040826-g.jpg (39586 bytes)  newkennels-082004.jpg (382180 bytes) newkennels-082004-b.jpg (338567 bytes) newkennels-082004-c.jpg (380190 bytes) newkennels-082004-d.jpg (283033 bytes) newkennels-082004-e.jpg (285370 bytes) 

The configuration of north-south runs 5'x40' was too narrow and caused fence-fighting and tension in the runs because the dogs could not get away from each other, so we rotated the whole thing to make 4ea 10x20 runs
rescue-kennels-2005-04.jpg (74712 bytes) rescue-kennels-2005-06.jpg (169687 bytes) kennels-08.jpg (91731 bytes)

Snow Feb 2006 on the completed side-yard kennels:

2006+ East & South Side Rebuild

Meanwhile, we brought the dozers back and flattened the back yard and the existing gravel/permanent fence kennels and once graded smooth and sloping away from the house, we started building those kennels:

kennels5-2008-01.jpg (294285 bytes) flowerbeds-dogkennels.jpg (97011 bytes) flowerbeds-dogkennels=b.jpg (238156 bytes)

Then the snows arrived -- a normal East Tennessee snow 1.5"

2010 - Snowmagedan 5" of snow and disaster

kennels-2010-02-h.jpg (53493 bytes) kennels-2010-02-f.jpg (98070 bytes) kennels-2010-02-n.jpg (98146 bytes)

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