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Wayeh Kennels Through the Years

2002 The Fire

When the brush fire hit straw and cedar shavings and 60 years of pine needles, the flames went 20' high.  Thanks to volunteer fire fighters the house was saved, but we had some major work to fix charred wire and kennels and tarps. 

fire-g.jpg (23049 bytes)

So we needed to remove the dirt and the absorbent materials that were also flammable.  We put block in the kennels... we had added a LOT of gravel over the years and the block was 4" thick and top of more gravel, so the fences (permanently in the ground) were now sometimes only 4' tall in places.

kennels-gravel.jpg (27534 bytes) kennels-block.jpg (21175 bytes) kennels-old-2004.jpg (40198 bytes) kennels-old-2004-b.jpg (31331 bytes) oldkennels-082004-b.jpg (224461 bytes) oldkennels-082004.jpg (309065 bytes) 

Snow Feb 2003:
kennels-back-snow.jpg (30460 bytes) kennels-snow-feb03.jpg (58070 bytes)


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