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Furnish the Puppy Kennel

What you put in your puppy kennel is as individual as you, your breed and your bitch.

Besides a plastic doghouse... (wee pads in front)

we use a plastic wading pool with wood shavings for mom and the puppy in good weather.  We will put 1" of water in the bottom of a wading pool and steps up and out when the pups are old enough to climb safely.  Stainless Steel water buckets.  Stainless steel feed buckets (we don't restrict food for puppies so long as they don't get fat).  A metal chair for my poor knees.  A hanging clothes hamper for puppy swings.  

A hanging hula hoop & a plastic kiddie picnic table for puppy playing.  

A hanging toy with bells on the string for puppy play.  A teeter-totter.  Toys, toys, and more toys.

But everything can be hosed off and disinfected. 

Oh, and mom's love their Karanda beds for lounging...

Note the toy stuffing ALREADY all over the place -- thanks, sweetie!

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