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How NOT to build a kennel, Materials List, Site Selection, Site Preparation, Getting Started - Build a corner, Gravel, Lay the block, Finish the square - more corners, Clean the kennel, Set up kennel panels & shade/roof, Furnish the puppy kennel

Getting Started - Build a Corner

You know that saying that you will  never use high-school math in real life?  Guess again.  Basic Geometry, how to build a right angel, 3-4-5.

Lay out your 2x4s in a rough pattern of where you want the kennel, just to make sure it will fit. 

Start on the most downhill corner, whichever way the ground slopes towards, start there.  We did not.  Deliberately, because we wanted  the uphill side of the kennel to be aligned with an existing immovable feature.  But really, start on the downhill most corner because gravity will help you now and over the long haul.  This will not be square at this point unless you are a magician.

Attach the metal corner brace to a short and a long 2x4 on the most downhill corner.  The brace goes on the OUTSIDE of the corner.  This is not a real structural issue, it's to hold it in place and neaten the corner only.

3-4-5...  If one side of a right angel is 3' and the other is 4', than the distance between those two sides, the long side, will be 5'.  That's not a very mathematical explanation, but it works.   So measure down one inside part of your 2x4 and mark 3'.  Go back to the corner and measure down the other 2x4 and mark 4'.  One of you holds the tape measurer on the 3' mark and the other moves the 2x4 in or out until the tape says 5' when it touches the 4' mark.

Now, while you know where square is, attach the metal corner brace...

Note, we used block under the corner to get our slope.  Well, we should have pushed that block under the wooden corner all the way for a clean outside edge -- don't do it this way.  Make it pretty.

Drive a piece of rebar on the outside of the long 2x4 away from the corner  to hold the outside shape of the kennel footing.  Make sure the rebar is driven down below the edge of the 2x4 because when you hose off, you're going to catch every hair and pine needle on anything that sticks up.  So the rebar is below the edge of the 2x4 and the 2x4 will be below the top of the concrete flooring.

Do NOT assemble more than one corner at this time.  No matter how well you measure, you'll be off.  Build your corners as you come to them.

But go ahead and drive 3 rebar along the outside of the 16' 2x4 and 2 rebar along the outside of the 12' 2x4 so you have a solid corner  to work from.


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