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How NOT to build a kennel, Materials List, Site Selection, Site Preparation, Getting Started - Build a corner, Gravel, Lay the block, Finish the square - more corners, Clean the kennel, Set up kennel panels & shade/roof, Furnish the puppy kennel

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Is it protected from thieves? 
Ours is behind a driveway gate/fence. And has shade tarps on the sides for privacy.
Is it protected from other dogs?  
Our puppy kennel is on the north side of the house.  The rescue kennels are 2 fences away on the southwest side of the house.  Wayeh kennels are 2 fences away on the southeast side of the house.  Yes, puppies need socialization with other dogs -- when they are old enough, and not until.
Is it protected somewhat from weather?  
Our puppy kennels are on the north side of the house because of summer heat.  There are trees on the east and north side of the house as well.
Will it be at least double fenced, maybe even triple fenced against escapes?  
Our driveway is gated/fenced for ease of unloading and mushing hook-ups.
Is it close enough to the house that you will spend a LOT of time socializing puppies? 
Our first puppy kennel is right up against the basement wall and under the second-story porch for weather protection.  This second puppy kennel does NOT share a kennel wall with the first one.  What happens if the dog in the first kennel dosen't like puppies?  Or doesn't like the puppies of the bitch in the second kennel?  Or the mother's fight?  We put a 5' gap between the kennels, which incidentally also allowed for water drainage from the uphill side of the driveway.
Is the ground somewhat level?  
Unless you want to bring in heavy equipment, pick a level spot.  You will want some drainage -- like maybe a 4" drop across a 15' span.  The nature of the blocks means that water drains out quickly between them, even though you will push and mallet them as close together as possible.  Water finds a way.  And you will build on a slope with the gravel.  But you don't want it so steep that icy winter conditions make it treacherous.  We built ours on the driveway -- already graveled and somewhat level, close to the house, and protected from elements, thieves, and escapes.
Is the kennel layout such that you will wash debris and waste away from the gate and the walkway?  
We built the first rescue kennels with the gates on the downhill -- yuck.  We don't do that anymore.  Gates on the uphill, wash away from the gates.

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