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How NOT to build a kennel, Materials List, Site Selection, Site Preparation, Getting Started - Build a corner, Gravel, Lay the block, Finish the square - more corners, Clean the kennel, Set up kennel panels & shade/roof, Furnish the puppy kennel

Lay the Block

These are concrete blocks like you'd build a wall with, but they are thinner and we lay them on their sides so they are 4" tall, flat side on the top and bottom, holes on the sides.


Note the block. We re-used what we had already, so they are muddy.  That can be fixed after they are down with a little soap and water.  We have to disinfect them anyway before we put pregnant moms on them.

So to get started...


The block will be above the level of the 2x4.  If it's not, take it out, push more gravel in, smooth, and re-lay the block.

Note: We place the block so the long side is pointed uphill.  If you have to scoop or hose the kennel, it works better this way than if you lay them crossways.

Keep laying blocks.  Use a rubber mallet and pound down every corner (remember these are hollow, don't pound over the hollow part).  And pound the block from the side so it pushes up against its neighbors.  Use your scree to make sure you're still above the level of the 2x4 and that the blocks are all laid in a plane -- their tops don't go up and down.

After a few rows, start using a 4' level to check.  We had no intention of being perfect.  We just wanted to be close.

Finish the square - more corners...

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