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Feeding Trials
For Alaskan Malamutes & Siberian Huskies

Phase One
Phase Two

Because of the fire on March 25, things have been in a kind of uproar with replacing damaged fences, moving dogs to new facilities, and cleaning up.  Our conclusions will be posted, but meanwhile we are feeding Diamond Performance 26/18 (Green bag), Sam's Club Exceed Lamb & Rice, or Sam's Club Exceed Chicken & Rice to the boarders and rescue dogs; and my personal dogs BARF. ((Found a new Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach and Coat -- Salmon & Rice, sled dog food!))

The Beginning

From time to time, Sleddog Rescue has food donated for the dogs and we frequently get asked for food recommendations from adopters.  So, we decided to try a non-scientific feeding trial specifically geared for sleddog breeds (specifically Malamutes & Siberians) and available locally. 

We don't have any scientific, medical, or veterinarian background so we don't feel able to judge those results.  But anyone who has ever scooped a kennel can judge consistency and volume of poop.  And anyone who has ever petted a dog can judge texture and shine of coat.  Anyone can tell if their dog looks thin or fat after he's been on a food for a few weeks.  And anyone can write the results down, and post to the web.

But these trials are recording SHORT-TERM results.  They are not intended to replace years of study.  They merely are eliminating foods from consideration of our Phase Two trials.  A first step, if you will.

These foods were tested on approximately 30, generally healthy Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies between the ages of 1 to 12 years who lived in East Tennessee at Sleddog Rescue, Wayeh Kennels, and several foster families starting July 2001 and ongoing...  

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