“P!nk” from the 2020 ADAK Litter

AVAILABLE F4 female agouti “P!nk” collar

AVAILABLE F5 P!nk (collar) Female Agouti.  Disinterested in following Lynne, but (nearly) 6yo Sloane was distracting her x2.  Somewhat independent.  Hangs quietly.  On the belly rub, when Lynne stopped, Pink asked for more, pawing at her hand.  A little struggle in the arms upside down.  No reaction to the pinch.  Follows toy.  And when the Jersey Giant rooster came into the kennel, she chased him out.  She is strong willed and is not the dog for a first-time dog owner or one who has had soft dogs before.  She will be a challenge, but worth the effort for the right home.

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