“Gray Boy” from the 2020 ADAK Litter


AVAILABLE M1 Grey Male. Fabulous follow/recall, automatic and determined trot and he got out front of Lynne the tester. Lets go! Hangs easy and accepts belly rub with head turned away appropriately. 10-second pinch, no reaction. Loves toys, especially balls and tug toys. FABULOUS follow/recall. Accepting & confident. Will like to go out into the world and do things, hiking, performance events, or other social events. Not for a first-time Mal owner as he is a determined, willing boy, with emphasis on determined.

Check out the Litter Page for complete info about pedigrees, vet visits, and socialization. Check out Please Read This First for how we raise puppies, choose parents, the contract, sample medical records, and the APPLICATION,

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