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last updated 06/15/2005


Shopping Lists

The list for my 7 Malamutes, that together weigh 500lbs, and eat 3% of their body weight daily, or 15lbs, is based on Tom's diet:

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Weekly Shopping List
45lbs Raw Meaty Bones (RMB) Chicken quarters
7lbs ground beef
2lbs liver
7 15oz cans salmon or sardines
4 cans mustard greens
4 cans collard greens
2 large sweet potatoes
1 can carrots
1 jar applesauce
1 bag frozen blueberries
2.5 dozen eggs
50c kibble
Plus supplements bought in bulk

If you figure it for a 28-day month, it works out to:

Monthly Shopping List, all 7dogs, 28 days
180lbs Raw Meaty Bones (RMB) - Chicken quarters, pork necks, turkey wings
28lbs ground beef, pork, lamb
8lbs liver
28 15oz cans salmon, sardines
32 cans leafy greens mustard, collards, turnip, kale, spinach, 
8 sweet potatoes
4 cans carrots, pumpkin pack
2 large jars applesauce
2 bags frozen blurberries
10 large bananas
10 dozen eggs
     25c/day feeding
     100c/37.5# bag
     2 bags/month
Plus supplements bought in bulk

Supplements vary so much by brand and quantity and.... find something you'd trust to take yourself and -- just take the durned things with the dogs and be healthy.  You can spend your life trying to find better, more environmentally friendly, easier to absorb, better price.  Just go to the grocery store and buy them.  There very well might be something better, and if you spend enough time and frustration, you may just find it.  You may just give yourself an ulcer as well.  Remember the goal is to feed healthy food.  Not the absolute healthiest thing on the planet with none-better which makes you go bankrupt and you're all out on the streets.

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