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Raw Meaty Bones

The whole point of raw diets is to feed what Nature biologically and genetically prepared the dog to eat.  Dogs eat raw bones.  Until modern vets and modern bagged kibbles got hold of us we all knew this.  Dogs eat bones.  Knick-knack, Patty Whack, Give the dog a bone, this old man goes rolling home.

Cooking changes the temper (brittleness) of bones.  Cooked poultry bones are pretty much dangerous and can splinter causing troubles. Keep your dog away from cooked bones.

Dogs are supposed to eat raw meat off of raw bones.  They have canines & incisors in front for tearing.  They have molars in back for crushing.  They have an incredibly acidic stomach to digest un-chewed food.  They have a short digestive track that doesn't allow bacteria time to flourish and create problems.  They are scavengers by nature.  They will eat ANYTHING given a choice.  Out of hunger or boredom or lack of supervision.  They are equiped by Nature to eat raw meat and raw bones.

Who takes the meat off the bones for the MILLIONS of wild canids who manage to thrive without us?  The answer: nobody, they eat the bones the way they are designed to.

So why not feed them USDA inspected, human-grade meat WITH BONES the way they are supposed to eat?

Raw Meaty Bones are excellent, and natural, sources of properly balanced calcium & phosphorus, plus natural active enzymes, vitamins and minerals. 

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